Tuesday, 13 March 2018

5 Ways Your Soul Speaks

I wanted to share with you a little something on how to recognise when your Soul is speaking to you because most of us find this extremely difficult! 

Trying to discern which parts of us are speaking can be troublesome, Inner Child, Ego, Parental Conditioning just being some archetypes I work with.
Soul can be particularly difficult to recognise as it can seem so far from the way we hear and recognise things in the 3D world and very far off from how we are trained to listen to ourselves. we mostly aren't trained to listen to ourselves lol...but you know what I mean ;)
So today I wanted to share with you my 5 tips on recognising Soul Speak:


This means that your Soul loves intuitive gut responses. You know..the gut intuition that makes no sense to your mind but absolutely resonates within your body. 
You just know something or know what choice to make or know when someone is lying...even if it appears to be true...your Soul knows and prompts you accordingly!


The reason that you don't realise that this is your Soul guiding you is that your free will is always in place. 
Soul can issue a warning...say a new partner in your life that you are super attracted to but you just have this niggling feeling when they speak to the waiter in a diminishing way while out at dinner...but you ignore it, want to see the best in they are HOT you turn a "blind eye". 

You may decide on a career path that is going to be great for your income, so you go study and come out on top, secure the job and 5 years later feel totally flat. The red flag was your gut was telling you it was unhappy but you ignored it for the cash. 

Nothing wrong with money...but Soul needs more fulfillment than that PLUS she knows your true calling!


Ever noticed those mornings you wake with a tune stuck in your head!?  And notice how it's sometimes a song that you would NEVER listen to usually? 
I once had a Jason Donovan song stuck in my head two mornings in a row LOL!
The 2nd morning I definitely paid attention to the lyrics. I absolutely believe that Soul will sometimes send a message in the words of a song as Soul is much more connected to creativity, music, art and the realm of emotions.


Soul sometimes sends us messages in symbolism. The world of dreams is the most prominent place for this. Think about many times have you had a really "weird" dream? Soul doesn't need to engage in long conversations as it knows that to send you something "cryptic" and "strange" you will more likely remember it!

The trouble is we have forgotten how to decipher the symbolism in dreams so we tend to dismiss them as anything other than the jumble from the previous day filling our minds. 
Dream symbols are made up of your own reference to people and objects but also there can be archetypes from the collective unconscious that are downloaded into your dreamscape for you to pick out and piece together messages of guidance from Soul.


Your Soul isn't usually the loudest voice in your head. The loudest voice is usually one that has been conditioned to live in the 3D world. It's usually one that your personality has developed itself around. 

Soul speaks in the quiet places in the space between dreams and awakening in the morning or falling asleep at night. When dancing or singing, when creating a piece or art or simply watching some sheep on the hills as the sun sets on a summer's day. 

This is why meditation can be so powerful other than relaxing you and taking your focus off your daily concerns.



Soul can speak to you in the moments you get truly centred and focused on your internal dialogue but you can also learn to recognise Soul's voice and start to cultivate it so that you hear her in stressful moments when she would otherwise be behind a closed door in your mind.
At first Soul can sound like a whisper...or simply a body response. In time, through connecting with the other parts of self, you can learn what he or she feels like and start to embody Soul's wisdom.
Eventually you will be able to call upon your Soul Voice at any time and connect with her wisdom.

The trick is to Soul may say something to you that you don't like! Soul is like that. She cares more about pulling your into alignment than she does about your being comfortable or scared.
Your Soul cares more about you growing and evolving than you being happy at all times...but she is taking you places you never dreamed of and only she knows the blessings that are coming your way if you heed her wisdom!

So, my love,  I hope you enjoyed this message from Soul and I look forward to hearing your stories on how your Soul connects with you so please message me with them. The more we share about how Soul connects to us, the more we can help others on the same journey!

I look forward to sharing with you again soon and as the famous 90's band Soul II Soul once said..."Soul to soul I love you"



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Soul knows the way to true connection is to "clear" before you "climb"!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Be Your Own Guru...debunking Enlightenment

The term Enlightenment means the following apparently...

1. A movement of the 18th century that stressed the belief that science and logic give people more knowledge and understanding than tradition and religion. 

2. Buddhism : a final spiritual state marked by the absence of desire or suffering.

Most people who speak about enlightenment in this day and age are referring to description two. I'm pretty sure description one is NEVER used in scientific terms any more. 

The thing is for me, enlightenment is neither of these two things...and I want to tell you why.

Let me debunk enlightenment...

Rather than enlightenment being some pompus belief in scientific logical understanding (thanks 18th century upper class), or some unrealistic expectation of pure blissed out consciousness with no human emotional cravings, desires or pains, pleasures or emotions of any kind (thanks most probably 18th century monks!), let's bring enlightenment into the now! (thank you Eckhart!) and radicalise enlightenment to make it achievable, real and honest. 

Let's get rid of the fluff! 

Enlightenment for us 21st Century lovelies results in an ever evolving growth of our character and spiritual understanding. It comes in spits and spurts, floods, waves, tremors and earthquakes. 

Enlightenment in the 21st Century doesn't mean we suddenly reach a bliss state from whence we never return. It means the unfurling of ourselves. The peeling back of the layers of conditioning we hold. The places we weren't loved by others or haven't loved ourselves.

It's the reclaiming of the lost parts of ourselves. The embodying of our deepest shadow and clearing of our inadequacies and self imposed limitations.

Enlightenment is a lifetime course of becoming the fullest, most radiant version of you! The you, you were truly meant to be in this lifetime.

Enlightenment may elicit itself via many forms. Meditation, clean diet, travel, self improvement videos, swimming in the sea, hugging a tree, playing with a child, whilst washing the dishes, singing, dancing, yoga, eating a ripe mango or delving into a consciously created book.

Enlightenment can happen in many an "Ah-ha" moment as Oprah may put it. In the moments you least expect. The trick is to listen, stay in an enquiring space and be open to the answers...more on this in a mo... 

Enlightenment does also not need a Guru. 

Though it can help to find some mentors who are further along the actualised path than you. 

So let me be your Un-Guru ;)

As my lovely friend Patrick once put it..."Everyone is their own Guru" which I cried...

"That's exactly what a Guru would say!"
But all joking aside...he was a Guru of the most high when he said that ;)

In truth you are your own Guru. 

You are the God creator of your own life, of your own design, of your own evolution baby! 

You are the Guru who will unveil the shadows from covering your eyes to the beauty of who resides deep inside. You are the one who will be doing the deep inner work to find that inner child that needs loving. You are the adult who will give that child the love it's been seeking and you are the one who will diligently work towards becoming the fullest most realised you...if you choose to do so.

And this brings me to what enlightenment is at it's most basic...

Enlightenment is connecting to your most authentic self using self inquiry.
Enlightenment means to firstly...

Listen - Listen to what your insides are telling you. The fears, the aspirations, the places your heart and soul long for you to go and experience. The people your soul wants you to be around and the ones it says hell no to. The pains, the woundings, the places your inner child wants to be healed. The love, the anger, the disillusionment you feel and mistakes you have made. All of these can result in enlightened moments so long as you create...

Space - Space to hear what your inner self is saying. Space to hear what the next best step is or where you have been repeating a pattern. Space to love yourself when you realise you've forgotten to take time out for you in the last 5 years. Space to heal yourself when you need to cry or rage or throw out that sentimental love note you've held onto since high school. Space to become the "not you"...the you, you never thought you were. Space to find yourself amongst the things the "you, you thought you were" bought and you now hate. Space to become all you can be and all you can't even imagine you can be! Space to be...

Open - Open to the answers that WILL come through you. Because they always do. It's just there wasn't room before. Room to hear what your insides were telling you. So many thoughts that blocked you before are now quietened with loving reminders. You are able to hear them and heal them and listen to the all knowing higher/adult version of you. Your Soul Voice has grown! And it's never ever far away. You know how to call on it because you are open and even when you feel your inner child and ego rearing it's snotty baby head, you know how to hear it. It feels different from the inside when it speaks. It never puts you down for a start and always knows what you really need.

Enlightenment from this space is totally achievable because you never make any other part of you wrong. 

Enlightenment is like the steps you took as a baby. You fall you get up, you fall you get don't stop. No one says you are silly to keep trying. No one laughs and says that's a fools game. Nobody, not one person, says you can't do it. In fact they encourage you. They cheer you on. They KNOW one day you will walk and talk and do anything you put your heart and soul into. 

And as your Non Guru ;) let me tell can and WILL one day become enlightened. You are simply taking small incremental steps towards becoming the most actualised person you can be in this lifetime. You may stumble and fall and sometimes come crashing down on your pretty little face, but you WILL wake up. You will find bliss. You will see your crap and your flaws and your beauty and your wisdom. You will be love, even when you are angry and you will be free to be you, even when you feel you can't. 

And the reason I know this is because you are here reading this! 

You are already seeking. You are already pulling yourself up on the sofa.

So as your Un-Guru, let me let you into a little enlightenment secret...

The path to enlightenment is harder and easier than you imagine it may be.

The path to enlightement is hidden behind the mirror of Self Love!

The key to becoming a fully awakened and enlightened version of you is self acceptance. Flaws and all. Fears and all. Worries and all. Wobbles and scars and not enoughs and too muchness and shame and blame and fears and laughs that are too loud.  

You reach enlightenment by becoming the safe space for you to hold yourself in. An unconditionally loving, accepting, nurturing, caring, encouraging, believing in space where you can radiate with joy the trueness of every part of you. Unequivocally being the many facets, faces and shiny rainbow colours that you are meant to be. 

There is only one remarkable you in this lifetime and there will only ever be this one exactly amazing radically beautiful you.

So let me Un-Guru you ;) 

Let's reveal your true soul and take each wobbly slippery step towards the most enlightened dynamic you.

And let me help you...

Join me in the Your Soul Revealed facebook group and let me help to unfurl you my dear into the enlightened King or Queen you deserve to be. 


I'm Gail and I'm here to help you to strip away the layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs you have about yourself in order to reveal what your true Soul Voice is trying to guide you towards in this lifetime. 

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Your Dreams Speak - 5 Tips On How To Recall Your Dreams!

"Your spiritual self was born in a dream and when you dream you are returning home" 

~ Thomas Moore

Your dreams speak but your dreams are usually forgotten. The dreams you have at night or your day dreams...not to mention your child hood dreams. The ones you left behind at 6 or 16.

They arise in the moments when our conscious awareness has left the building for the night or been put on pause for a 5 minute break.

And then our conscious awareness reverts back to normality. Our everyday experiences, the alarm rings, to do lists, hunger pangs, meetings, the what shall we have for dinner thoughts come back to take charge of our day and we forget...

...and in the forgetting, we miss something.

If you listen very carefully, inquiring into the spaces between your everyday thoughts, you will find an entire world filled with symbols, stories, messages and cravings from the depth of your soul.

The truth is most are afraid to look. Afraid to find they have undone themselves. 

And dreams become simply dreams.

We look at dreams like they are the unfolding of the jumble and junk that fills our minds everyday. And whilst that may be true in part....we miss the deeper message they are trying to convey.

Because it's easier...

It's much easier to discount our dreams and floatings as nonsensical, daytime debris, or at best a desire laid out in cinematic story. 

But what if your dreams are as alive as your waking life?  Indeed, what if they are MORE alive and hold the keys to your waking life!?

In long forgotten times, dreams were revered.  Kings and Queens of milleniums past would use the power of the Seers and Elders who knew how to interpret their dreams. They prophesied the future and unravelled the now.  Dreams took symbols from realms unseen, from plains untouched by human design and placed them gracefully in the places most untravelled in our minds.

In many ancient societies such as those of Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose messages could be unravelled by people with certain powers ~ Wikipedia

Dreams spoke and were heard...

Translated by those well versed in symbolism and the collective unconscious, to heal, strategise and connect to those forces who, whilst hidden from sight, seemed to have a knowing beyond this earthly dimension.

As we developed and science based left-brained thinking took precedence, we lost the art of dream divination. We mistook our dreams for fragments of foolery because we lost the art of deciphering the truth embedded in dream symbolism.

Your dreams speak...

Guiding and supporting you with messages from your subconscious mind, your hidden self.  From a deep place the "waking" mind can't see or navigate.  Your dreams attempt to guide to towards the betterment of your 3D life.

They speak of your fears and joys, of potential outcomes of choices you may face and solutions to your problems, of lives yet to be lived and past mistakes you should have already learnt from.

Your dreams speak to you in abundance as you lay statuesque in the dark.  They whisper their gold into your minds eye hoping to give you the guidance you seek via a journey of the unusual so that you may absorb their unshakable insights.

Accessing the hidden messages in your dreams can lead to a deeper sense of self, an expanded view of your own shadow, inner child and higher self callings. Dreams are our internal teachers.

Dream interpretation can help you to find the next step you in forging a new path in life, heal an old emotional wound, or even for see the most probable future events!

Here are some tips on how to recall and divinate your dreams...

1. Wake up slowly.  I know this isn't always possible with alarms usually starting the day off. But if you can, set your alarm ten minutes earlier and lay in bed for those next ten minutes in the drowsy place between sleep. This will help you to recall what you were dreaming about just before you opened your eyes.

2. Keep a Dream Journal by your bedside so that you can note down everything you can recall about your dreams as soon as you are awake. Dreams are notoriously slippery. If you wait too long you may forget a golden nugget!

3. Note down everything you hear, see and possibly even smell! Everything is important. Weather, temperature, time of day or night, people, animals, colours and even that favourite toy you had when you were 5!

4. There are many dream interpretation websites and books you can read to help you divine your dreams. However, whilst many of these come from achetypal images that we hold in the collective unconscious and can help you to see what your dreams are trying to say to you, it's much better to write the feelings and thoughts of your dreams down and focus on exactly HOW you've told the story!  Many times the clues in what our dreams mean is staring us in the face. We become our own best interpreters!

5. Start your evening off setting intentions for your subconscious mind to speak to you in ways you will easily be able to interpret. This is especially great if you've been having recurring dreams or nightmares that you just can't figure out.

Watch this video where I give you more tips on dream interpretation and how to enhance dream recall before bedtime!

Thomas Moore on Supersoul Sunday...

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I'm Gail and I'm here to help you to strip away the layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs you have about yourself in order to reveal what your true Soul Voice is trying to guide you towards in this lifetime. 

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