Friday, 18 May 2018

Law Of Attraction In Action!

I wanted to share with you some law of attraction busting tips with you and then thought I'd make it sound more positive LOL! Because there IS and ARE ways of tapping into and using Law Of Attraction, HOWEVER, THIS is the type of picture describing Law Of Attraction that get's my Capricorn Goat all in a tiz!

So I decided that I'm going to myth BUST and also share with you some of the ways you can get Law Of Attraction on your side.

Myth Busting 1:

You are NOT going to bring your desires to your door gift wrapped with a note saying "Sent from the Universe". It just doesn't work like that! And the Universe certainly ain't delivering it to you sat in your bedroom whilst you pray for it ;)

To align with your dreams and desires there are a few things that need to be in place first like:

1. Are you negatively charged?...meaning, do you think sh*t about yourself? Do you speak to yourself with kindness? Do you BELIEVE you can and you will and are you TAKING ACTIONABLE STEPS towards your desires?

The Universe can (and will) only meet you where you are willing to meet it!

It's not going to put you in baby reigns and do it for you and it certainly isn't going to show up at your door with the aformentioned gift wrapped parcel with glitter and dreams just waiting to shower you with Universal offerings. YOU..yes YOU..have to be willing to do some of the work.

Myth Busting 2:

The Law Of Attraction works by simply putting your focus on your desires and if you believe enough they will manifest...Um...


Apart from the action taking required that I just spoke of, you are going to need to CHECK yourself.
If you are trying to win the lottery, or meet that perfect man or woman, or become a size 0 the chances are you are trying to use the Law Of Attraction to fill in huge GAPING GAPS!

The Gaps are where your beliefs about yourself and your subconscious are playing in the GAME of Manifestation. 

Yup...the GAME...they are not serious AT ALL about bringing you into alignment with the money, or the partner, or the body...because your beliefs are clutching onto the false mantra that it's all about BELIEF and you then miss doing the INNER WORK here my love!

Our Subconscious Programming is running the show when it comes to what we truly believe is FOR us or what we are CAPABLE of achieving. If you don't do the inner work of reconnecting to your inner child, healing the Ego and cultivating a Soul Voice then you are doing yourself a HUGE dis-service and it's likely that whilst you may be able to manifest a discounted concert ticket or a free meal perhaps, you aren't likely to be able to manifest the BIGGER stuff or you may manifest what appears to be the BIG stuff but it then becomes a bit like the Wizard of Oz. You know, that bit when the Wizards suddenly outed for being a fraud!

So do your inner clearing and healing work before you set your sights on MR or MRS Made For You because you may very well need to manifest them a ticket back to OZ when the mask crumbles!

Myth Busting 3:

You just need to stay HIGH VIBES and your Law Of Attraction skills are syncing with the Universal

We are HUMAN BEINGS and have a range of emotions that need to be honoured. 

We need to listen to these parts of ourselves and get REALLY CLEAR on who is communicating with us from within.

Whether it's our Inner Child needing our attention or our Ego trying to stop us from growing into our NEXT LEVEL SELF, we need to know who's IN THERE before we can truly manifest and if we try to feign POSITIVITY on top of unhealed aspects of us we are actually doing more harm than good!

Don't dismiss yourself. Law Of Attraction doesn't work by fake it until you make it! You have to FEEL IT TO ALIGN WITH IT!

Which brings me to the last myth...

Myth Busting 4:

Law Of Attraction will give you ANYTHING you want...(they missed a bit)... long as you are in ALIGNMENT!

You MUST not only FEEL like you are going to manifest it...because, as I said may have enough free will energy that you align with it on one level but on another it's the Universes way of delivering what you REALLY need ;)

So you are delivered a situation that shows you what you are needing to heal instead of what you really want. You are shown the ways you are willing to be treated instead of that true love. The ways you are willing to diminish yourself instead of that flourishing career. The ways you are willing to listen to your Ego rather than do the inner work to heal.

When you use Law Of Attraction to fill up the parts of you that you haven't healed yet, The Universe will send you back what you NEED as a wake up call. 

It's tell you, you aren't aligned yet AND it's also communicating that you haven't fully aligned with your Soul!

You see, your Soul may not want you to meet that partner yet because Soul knows you have another couple of pieces of yourself to see and honour first. If you push it then you will be met with Mr or Mrs OZ..and you will be asked to SEE what parts of you need attending to.

Your Soul is always asking you to ALIGN with it. To come into a full knowing of self and to RISE up to a higher version and less conditioned version of you.

NOW THIS is the place where you want to manifest from! This is when you are TRULY HIGH VIBES because you are FULLY IN YOUR POWER!

You know what you really NEED as apposed to what you WANT and you WANT what your SOUL wants for you ;)

Law of Attraction in Alignment with SOUL is Exponential. Now with Soul's view of who you really are and who you are becoming and which area of life you want to channel your energies into...THAT is a person who is in sync with Law Of Attraction at it's best!!!

Law Of Attraction does exist but please use with with the very BEST of intentions.

Heal your inner child, clear your conditioned mind and align with your Soul Voice and THEN now aligned with your FULL POWER call in what is DESERVEDLY and RIGHTFULLY yours!



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