Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Paradigm of Encouragement - Our Future Model?

I wanted to write to you this week about the up-leveling that we are heading towards in our realms of understanding about the power of words along with the power of intention.

Many are coming to understand that WORDS hold power and that our INTENTION is the key to manifestation of our highest potential.

For those who understand this, you will understand where we are going...for those who are yet to fully grasp this...let me explain...

We were born and bred into a society that saw PUNISHMENT as the perfect "control" system. This system was used in school (think belts and rulers), at home (think "go to your room" or the "naughty step") and unfortunately, we still see this way of being used in the workplace and in our government systems.

All we have to do is to look at the rabble that happens in politics to witness the old paradigm of Punishment.

I believe this system started from the INTENT of CONTROL and POWER. You know...where one King decided a land should be his and thus sent his army out to take it and here we created WAR...the reflection of the battle inside that EGO wages!

The belief that OWNERSHIP meant more POWER and RICHES had man do this for millenia...infact...that in itself, still exists. The INTENT for power covers the belief of FINITE RESOURCES & ultimately LACK which EGO thrives in.

However, there is another paradigm that is appearing all be it more slowly.

This is the paradigm of ENCOURAGEMENT!

Slowly we are staring to understand that PUNISHMENT leads only to pain and people who then lose their power and that by being the perpetrator we ALSO lose power...this is the JOKE that EGO knows and plays.

We are now starting to see many experiments now after Dr Emoto's discoveries of crystals in water and how they were affected my positive and negative language spoken to the water. This didn't matter what language was spoken because it is about the POWER of words and therefore the POWER OF INTENTION.

When a negative word was spoken the crystal was malformed. When a positive word was spoken the crystal was clear and beautifully formed.

Recent experiments have used boiled white rice in clean glass jars where the negative jar turns mouldy whilst the positive jar remains white and clear of disease.

Another recent experiment done in a school shows the children speaking to a plant negatively whilst another is given loving thoughts and words. The plant who is bullied starts to die whilst the plant who is ENCOURAGED thrives!

You see where I am going with this right?...

The old paradigm of PUNISHMENT has hurt and damaged us. It's why there's a need for the work that I do...because someone has to unravel the sh*t storm of negativity that the entity of EGO has caused.

Many of us are so layered with LACK, CONTROL & FEAR that have simply become part of our personalities that we don't even know we have been CONDITIONED away from our true and loving SOUL SELVES!

But whether Ego likes it or not...The paradigm of ENCOURAGEMENT is coming!

The time is coming where we are recognising that hitting our children and screaming at them only brings more hate and disconnection. Where we see that despising one another only leads to more  pain and Ego control within ourselves. A time where we witness that ENCOURAGING one another not only aids the person we speak to but it floods us with MORE of our TRUE POWER because we are then directly connected to our SOUL!!!

I am reminded of Monsters Inc University. In this movie we witness how the Monsters go from believing that the only way to get the energy they need is to put fear into the hearts of little children. It takes some time, but they eventually realise, through developing an unwavering and unfearful connection (you see why I love inner child work ;) who just wants to LOVE them, that her LOVE and LAUGHTER creates more energy than anything PUNISHMENT ever did!!!

Here in our 3D world we are starting to encourage our children more to be true to themselves and not just follow the system.

We are learning to be more conscious about the words that we speak within, so without!

We are learning to remove negativity from our daily lives by not watching the news and instead filling our minds with Super Soul Sunday.

We are learning to heal, and grow and uncover and discover and leave the 9-5 to travel the world.

To grow spiritual businesses and to BELIEVE that anything is possible for us so long as we are aligned with our SOUL.

And so....I want to encourage you to stand up to your own EGO because in truth, we can only take the leap into an ENCOURAGEMENT paradigm with as many people who believe in this way of being more than the ones who love outer POWER and CONTROL.

The thing is, those people don't understand that this is not TRUE POWER and believe me when I say that their version of power always crumbles eventually.

The only TRUE power is SOUL ALIGNED and SOUL LED and your Soul will never say anything about you that is "bad". It will always encourage you to grow and shine and whilst it may give you a Universal butt kick sometimes, that's only because WE AREN'T LISTENING to our Soul's guidance and so to stop us from going too far down a path that is less becoming than Soul knows we are capable of, Soul will eventually guide us back on course.

So ask yourself, what am I doing today that will lead me into the Paradigm of ENCOURAGEMENT!?

Because we need's going to take many of us to create this wave and transform our planet and we may not see it fully realised in our life time yet but we need to start for our future...for our children's future....for humanities future.

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