Tuesday, 13 March 2018

5 Ways Your Soul Speaks

I wanted to share with you a little something on how to recognise when your Soul is speaking to you because most of us find this extremely difficult! 

Trying to discern which parts of us are speaking can be troublesome, Inner Child, Ego, Parental Conditioning just being some archetypes I work with.
Soul can be particularly difficult to recognise as it can seem so far from the way we hear and recognise things in the 3D world and very far off from how we are trained to listen to ourselves. we mostly aren't trained to listen to ourselves lol...but you know what I mean ;)
So today I wanted to share with you my 5 tips on recognising Soul Speak:


This means that your Soul loves intuitive gut responses. You know..the gut intuition that makes no sense to your mind but absolutely resonates within your body. 
You just know something or know what choice to make or know when someone is lying...even if it appears to be true...your Soul knows and prompts you accordingly!


The reason that you don't realise that this is your Soul guiding you is that your free will is always in place. 
Soul can issue a warning...say a new partner in your life that you are super attracted to but you just have this niggling feeling when they speak to the waiter in a diminishing way while out at dinner...but you ignore it, want to see the best in they are HOT you turn a "blind eye". 

You may decide on a career path that is going to be great for your income, so you go study and come out on top, secure the job and 5 years later feel totally flat. The red flag was your gut was telling you it was unhappy but you ignored it for the cash. 

Nothing wrong with money...but Soul needs more fulfillment than that PLUS she knows your true calling!


Ever noticed those mornings you wake with a tune stuck in your head!?  And notice how it's sometimes a song that you would NEVER listen to usually? 
I once had a Jason Donovan song stuck in my head two mornings in a row LOL!
The 2nd morning I definitely paid attention to the lyrics. I absolutely believe that Soul will sometimes send a message in the words of a song as Soul is much more connected to creativity, music, art and the realm of emotions.


Soul sometimes sends us messages in symbolism. The world of dreams is the most prominent place for this. Think about many times have you had a really "weird" dream? Soul doesn't need to engage in long conversations as it knows that to send you something "cryptic" and "strange" you will more likely remember it!

The trouble is we have forgotten how to decipher the symbolism in dreams so we tend to dismiss them as anything other than the jumble from the previous day filling our minds. 
Dream symbols are made up of your own reference to people and objects but also there can be archetypes from the collective unconscious that are downloaded into your dreamscape for you to pick out and piece together messages of guidance from Soul.


Your Soul isn't usually the loudest voice in your head. The loudest voice is usually one that has been conditioned to live in the 3D world. It's usually one that your personality has developed itself around. 

Soul speaks in the quiet places in the space between dreams and awakening in the morning or falling asleep at night. When dancing or singing, when creating a piece or art or simply watching some sheep on the hills as the sun sets on a summer's day. 

This is why meditation can be so powerful other than relaxing you and taking your focus off your daily concerns.



Soul can speak to you in the moments you get truly centred and focused on your internal dialogue but you can also learn to recognise Soul's voice and start to cultivate it so that you hear her in stressful moments when she would otherwise be behind a closed door in your mind.
At first Soul can sound like a whisper...or simply a body response. In time, through connecting with the other parts of self, you can learn what he or she feels like and start to embody Soul's wisdom.
Eventually you will be able to call upon your Soul Voice at any time and connect with her wisdom.

The trick is to Soul may say something to you that you don't like! Soul is like that. She cares more about pulling your into alignment than she does about your being comfortable or scared.
Your Soul cares more about you growing and evolving than you being happy at all times...but she is taking you places you never dreamed of and only she knows the blessings that are coming your way if you heed her wisdom!

So, my love,  I hope you enjoyed this message from Soul and I look forward to hearing your stories on how your Soul connects with you so please message me with them. The more we share about how Soul connects to us, the more we can help others on the same journey!

I look forward to sharing with you again soon and as the famous 90's band Soul II Soul once said..."Soul to soul I love you"



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Soul knows the way to true connection is to "clear" before you "climb"!