Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Putting The Feeling First...

We have learnt not to trust our feelings.

We have learnt to steer the mind away and recoil in disgust at our darkest emotions.

We have learnt that darkness is wrong and that only light & happiness is worthy of our attention.

We have elevated laughter and hidden our pain beneath it.

We have exhaulted the mind and squashed our feelings inside our bodies.

We have forgotten the wisdom of the body and placed the mind as king when he is really our captor.

But what if we simply listened...

What would be discover about our deepest selves?

The endlessness of our feelings.

The depth and breadth of the ocean.

The limitlessness of time and space.

The fragility of our belief systems.

The truth of our being.

And underneath it all connection to ourselves and those around us.

Feelings come first....thoughts come second.

And in the dance of emotion find the truth of yourself and with compassion create a safe space for all emotions to dwell in harmony together.

You are so much more than you know until you meet your feelings first :)