Saturday, 11 August 2018

Living with The Power of Intention

Intention is much deeper than Goal setting and much wider than living life with blinkers on whilst trying to achieve or claim or capture!

Intention is listening to your desire whilst checking in with Soul.

It's reclaiming the lost parts of you before you set your intentions so that any programming and conditioning can't mess up your intention setting.

It's making sure your intentions are benevolent and not just coming from a selfish place.

Intention is about manifesting and, as with the law of attraction, you have to allow some SPACE!

Intention is about letting the Universe in to help you...having no definitive answer as to the HOW of your intention being manifested.

It's also about remaining open to synchronicities around your set intention AND about noticing anything that is showing up in your world to show you if Soul is trying to get you to shift your intention just a lil bit....or a hell of a lot!?

Intention setters know that if their intentions aren't manifesting they have either missed something (inner work needing to be done) or Soul is asking them to wait (things are not aligned yet) OR Soul is guiding them towards something more aligned!

As the late Dr Wayne Dyer said..."Our intention creates our reality"

And thus, Intention setters also know that ENERGY must be checked! Our thoughts must be in sync with our higher self. Our beliefs must be in alignment with love and our focus must be on the best outcome...otherwise, we are not fighting with Soul...oh no...

We are fighting with ourselves!

You would be right in thinking that the worst person to speak to when setting an BIG intention...especially if it's something that is not the "norm" for sometimes someone in our family or a good friend who knows we are not capable ;) may even have a partner who is like this!

Because they KNOW us...right?

They know who we show up as and as thus it can be hard for them to see you achieve more than they did, more than you have and more than most around you do also.

The reality is, you are here on the planet to do YOU first and many of us are here on the planet to align with a different perspective and INTENTION than what is manifest at the moment here in the 3D!

So, knowing this, and kindly asking your loved ones to step aside ;) the next person we need to look at is...YOU!

YOU are most likely the main problem when it comes to setting intentions.

We MUST make sure that the limiting beliefs of our upbringing and current environment are not actually residing in our heads!!!

This is where most of us fall...we try and try from a physical place...but forget about our ENERGY which includes our thoughts and beliefs AND the fact that subconscious thoughts and beliefs are amplified through emotions in our body....deep in the cellular memory!

We must look and honour and then set intentions for our true selves to awaken first...before we set intentions for our Soul Mate, our abundance, our children, our new home or our promotion.

This is a big topic but the last thing I want to mention today is GOAL SETTING and why it can thwart your intention setting.

The problem with Goal setting is that goals are usually blinkered.

Imagine, if you will, a horse on the race track with blinkers on.

It can only see the goal ahead...which is great for focus...but it means that it cannot see pitfalls that may occur to the sides.

It cannot see when there are warning simply surges onwards.

It also has it's adrenaline pumping. It has no time to rest to check in with itself if it's ok.

AND, it usually has it's rider whipping it's ass...ONWARDS!

All focus is on winning...and whilst it's nice to's NOT what your Soul cares about!

Soul cares about what you LEARN and asks if you are ready to truly honour yourself.

Soul cares about where you are most aligned and where you will do the most good for yourself and others in the world.

Soul desires your desires for you are one another BUT it may not desire them in the same way you do!

Soul desires your desires when you are READY where as you may simply want to have it now ;)

So...put simply...setting intentions can lead to a much more rewarding experience than goal setting because intention setting includes SOUL where as many times goal setting includes EGO!

So do as Wayne suggests!

Set intentions, because Soul aligned reality is what we do best!


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