Sunday, 15 July 2018

Intuition - Waiting For The Juice!

I love this image because, to me, it explains perfectly what we need to do with our mind when it comes to intuition!

We need to let our mind be still and drop ourselves into our body wisdom in order to really feel what our gut is telling us about people, ourselves and the situations that crop up in life.

Intuition is one of the foundations required to build inner TRUST and SOUL ALIGNMENT. Without it we are left to the mind's flights of fancy, doubts, wims and divisiveness.

The problem with intuition is that we are trained to ignore it!

We aren't trained in the art of allowing an inner prompting to guide makes no sense to the world of the analytical mind.

We are taught that learning, absorbing and collating information makes us powerful and that "gut instinct" is left for those who are either risk takers (which feels unsafe for most) or highly developed Psychics!

The mind learns not to trust the body...we are literally trained to DISCONNECT from it...and so the mind becomes Master and the body it's slave.

Our body's intuitive wisdom is lost in our daily awareness because the mind has been favoured for generations.  

Now, I'm not saying that we should dismiss our mind entirely...not at all!

The truth is that we need BOTH our Mind and our Intuitive Gut to be in SYNC with one another.

Our mind, when conscious and in tune with our body, is the discerning instrument that the gut needs it to be. Our mind can then help us to discern and interpret the messages being sent to us.

Before then, we will have gut responses that will leave us unsure of their meaning and, unfortunately, since Fear can also lead to many gut responses, our mind can trick us into reaction that is unwarranted or stop us from moving forward when our Soul is calling.

But we must learn how to interpret the messages if we truly want to lead a Soul Led Life because leading your life intuitively will lead you to where your talents are most realised, your gifts are most appreciated, your friends are truly Soul Mates and to where you feel so much MORE of you than you can do with using your mind alone.

That said, today's message is not just about cultivating a connection to your's about recognising when you have none!


Many clients come to me telling me that they don't have a gut instinct...or at least, if they ever tells them bad stuff.

Fear has gotten a hold of the gut and as the brain is only trained to listen to that particular feeling in the belly, it's the only one they absolutely know they receive!

And so they learn that the gut is a fear bringer and when the gut sends a signal they should be afraid. This leads our heads to freak out and over time we shut off to the guts signals.

The rest of the time, when their gut is quiet, the simply have NO JUICE! There is no instinct prompting them so move forward with a project or an idea. No vibes to stay away from a particular person or contract. No resonance with people. No energy to motivate them into action...and let's face it..they dunno where they'd be going to anyway!

When you have NO JUICE there could be a few things happening...

1. You haven't yet cleared the fear from your system. Fear (from your inner child and Ego) loves to speak through the then takes over the body and infects the mind...though sometimes it can start the other way around ;)

Fear will do it's best to keep you where you are at and stop you TRUSTING Soul's calling and so you have simply shut off the link to your gut because it tells you scary stuff and it's frightening to turn it back on.

2. You may have become VERY deliberately disconnected from your body. Perhaps, as a child who used to feel a lot, you had to make yourself dense in order to get through life and maybe having some fear in there of "feeling" you allow only some emotions in...usually the top one is ANGER while the rest sit below hiding out somewhere inside.

3. You just don't have any JUICE. You know when you gut speaks to you but for a while now, you hear nothing. You don't know what your instinct is trying to tell you no matter what you try!

Now...if you are the former, you really need to start working with your fear, reconnect to your Inner Child and start to learn how to lead from your Soul Led Guidance!...feel free to message me at hi@yoursoulrevealed if you need some help.

If you are the latter and you simply have no juice it's a good idea to consider these...

1. Are you sleeping enough? - lack of sleep will cause your mind to rant and focus on the wrong things. It creates paranoia and makes you feel out of sync with yourself. It's much harder for your gut to give you the information you need when your sleep pattern is erratic and you are literally worn out! Remember...we are talking body wisdom here and your body needs time to repair and heal and REST!

2. Are you listening to your body? - Do you take time to get to know your body and move it so that you aren't all "up in your head" all day? Do you feel where you ache or where you need to be stretched or when you need to breathe in fresh air or desire fresh foods and water? When you start to notice your bodies daily callings you are much more likely to notice when your intuition is giving you advice!

3. Are you taking action? - When your body speaks to you, do you ignore it or take action? When you have an intuitive prompt and do nothing your mind never syncs up with the gut because you didn't take the action to PROVE to it that your gut is worth listening to! ps..this doesn't work in hyndsight anywhere near as have to trust even when it makes no sense to your head...infact...especially when!

4. Are you eating high vibe foods? - If you are eating poorly your body light/energy is resonating at a lower frequency and dense foods in particular will shut off your gut brain! I'm not saying you can't ever have a cheat day but it's fair to say that in my experience, I'm way more switched on when I eat lightly and lots of clean foods...being on juice alone is an intuition up-leveller!!!

5. Are you meditating? - I'm calling myself up here because this is something I used to do lots and these days not so much ;) but meditation for me at the beginning of my awakening journey was definitely something that activated my Soul Led intuition. If you have a busy mind that likes to take you off track regularly I definitely recommend meditating 15 mins daily at least!

6. Are you connecting with your gut? - Are you listening to what it says to you. Daily meditation with focus here can help. You know the old focus on your breathing thing...but add in an intention to connect to your body wisdom!!! Intention setting is key!

7. Are you speaking your instinct? - I personally found that the more regularly I speak my intuitive guidance the MORE I sync with it. Many will tell you not to speak intentions or "messages" for fear they won't come know like when you make a wish blowing dandelion seeds...but for me speaking out loud helps my subconscious to see that my waking 3D self acknowledges it. Try it and let me know if you also find the same thing happen to you!

8. If you REALLY have no juice and your gut seems to be sleeping TAKE THAT AS A MESSAGE!!!

No juice meaning no prompt or guidance from your gut is also a message from your gut to say "please wait"!

You may need to wait before a piece slots together...perhaps another person is involved and they aren't ready to meet you yet. Perhaps you need to rest or perhaps you need to have another insight happen before you truly understand your next step.

Whatever it is, it's best to wait until you have your juice back on and ideas flowing or simply wait for that KNOWING from the gut before you make a move.

So remember...check in that FEAR is not blocking your path. Do the steps above and if there's still nothing after a couple of weeks WAIT.

Soul always knows and sees more than we do from our 3D perspective and I've learned to trust my Soul more and more because when my free will gets in it will keep going despite Soul's guidance to slow down ;)

Sit back, meditate, relax, allay your fears and let your intuition guide you....but only when there is JUICE!



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Friday, 6 July 2018

The Fruitless Healer

The Fruitless Healer is the one who's healing abilities are no longer laying dormant, but because they do not know how exactly, or where to use their healing abilities, their talents and skills can start to feel like a curse.

Healers like this sadly find themselves endlessly inviting those who need healing into their inner circle, rather than using it where it's meant to serve!

Healers like this need to do some healing on themselves, but most late probably not fully aware of this.

The Fruitless Healer, you see, could be a beacon of hope for many. He or She COULD find a way to help others to heal without it becoming depleting or scary or full of drama but the Fruitless Healer tends to be a person who hasn't rooted themselves in their gift quite yet.

Perhaps they are afraid of the healing work they need to do within or perhaps they are afraid of being overwhelmed should they take on the challenge sent by Source!

A Healer can be born into the world but it takes their FREE WILL to choose and accept the healer's journey and this can be tough for a healer who feel's overwhelmed by their senses and of course, there is the responsibility for others that many find hard to take onboard. 

This is why many healers get stuck!

Healers get stuck in a loop where they find people coming to them, organically, for healing, even if they themselves have no clue yet that they are infact a Healer. 

The wounds of another have a way of seeking out those who would be a safe space to bathe them but regardless, the start of the Healer's Journey can be one of overwhelement and confusion for the most part. 

"Why on earth are people coming to me when I can't get my own life together" is a usual statement!


A Wounded Healer's stance remains like this for quite some time. Their gift becomes a curse that they do not see the joy in and the GOLD of their gifts remains dormant and hidden inside. 

The Fruitless Healer however kind of KNOWS that their mission is to be such a wonder in the world but they may not know exactly HOW this will manifest itself and so they wait it out or search in the wrong places while all the time they are most probably DOING the work that is is the healing work they do most naturally that they don't even consider it to be a THING!

This is a step up because they have said YES to some sort of gift but know not what their gift is in it's fullness and instead their healing starts to happen in the home, with their friends and with their family. 

You may be wondering what is wrong with this?


The problem for the FRUITLESS HEALER is that they will subconsciously invite into their love life wound mates rather than soul mates because they have 

1. forgotten to do their inner work 

2. haven't learned to set boundaries 

3. they usually have a sense of not quite fitting in so any love will do ;) 

Fruitless Healers are attracted to those healing needs more than a sticking plaster!

They want to dive into the deep and clear the hurts of this poor baby even if the baby is a grown man or woman...they feel so deeply the wounds of the unloved that they want to heal that out of them and so whether it be in intimate relationship or with family members who don't listen to you or care for your healing or friends who take and take and take and take...until you realise one day that the relationships are perhaps one sided...and then you wake up!

You wake up to your own un-love...

The real reason a Fruitless Healer is fruitless, meaning that they have not much to show for their amazing healing skills, is that they are trying to heal from a powerless place.

Healers must learn to set boundaries and you can only do this when you realise that YOU are the love of your life. That you must protect your energy not by shutting yourself off but by becoming a powerful parent to yourself so that you HAVE the energy to heal those who require it.

Fruitless Healers also need to learn to say NO to those who sap their energy and omit negativity. If you are a healer who has not yet reaped your harvest you MUST FIND YOUR TRIBE and SET STANDARDS that help you to DISCERN whether or not the people around you are truly good for you or not!

Fruitless Healers are only fruitless because they haven't yet honoured themselves and the skills they have. Said no to the healing happening in their inner world and yes to healthy boundaries. Said no to energy vampires and yes to uplifting tribe members. Said no to being afraid and yes to doing their inner work. 

I could go on but you get the jist. 

For you healers who are waking up to the realisation that your healing skills are manifesting in the WRONG PLACES!!! Pay attention....YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THAT ANYMORE!

Make a choice to DO YOU FIRST...heal and learn and set boundaries and choose wisely and eventually when you are standing BACK IN YOUR POWER you will wonder why you were ever so scared of owning your healing talents and you will heal on YOUR TERMS, no one else's!


If you need some help with setting healthy boundaries and up-leveling as a healer join us here in my Soul Circle now

I look forward to seeing you there!