Sunday, 4 August 2019

You are the only block!

Is your Subconscious keeping you caged? 


In my work, even the best and most conscious of us, still have some areas in our lives where our Subconscious plays master.

The tricky thing about our subconscious programming is that we were programmed so long ago (as children) in many ways of being that we believe to BE US  and so the work starts in the QUESTIONING of the self.

When it comes to waking up and creating the life you desire and becoming who you REALLY want to be, the truth is, that YOU are the only block!

And therefore...YOU are the only one who can do anything about who you are, who you want to be and what you want out of life.

YOU are the co-creator, in partnership with Soul and even I, with the skills that I have in seeing your "stuff" can't MAKE you choose alignment and I can't make you choose to do the inner work. THAT my friend, is entirely up to you.

However, what I CAN do is share with you some tips on waking up to your subconscious conditioning. I can teach you and coach you and write to you...but after that...the choice is yours ;)

So here we go...


Consciousness resides in the question. The questions themselves however, need to be powerful and aligned. So for example...if you ask yourself "What is wrong with me?" then you aren't aligned because SOUL will never speak back to you in a demeaning manner. Your EGO however, loves a question like this and will do it's best to answer which will, of course, no doubt take you off track into all the endless possibilities of what is wrong with you...and we all know this ends in self doubt, criticism and self loathing. Let's not do that Conscious Creator ;)

Powerful questions can be "What is my Soul trying to show me here?", "Which parts of me are asking for attention", "In what ways can I be more loving to myself?", "What would my inner child like from me today?", "Which parts of my body are needing attention?" etc etc....

Empowering conscious questions ALWAYS lead to some kind of self discovery! Do THAT!


In my coaching I always talk about the importance of connecting to your inner child. Most blocks and issues in your subconscious start here and so, if you miss him or her out, you are going to find that part of your subconsious, and any issues that reside in your inner child, will remain a fixture in your life.

Inner children play out in us when we are unaware of them so it's best to make friends with your inner child and LEARN THEIR LANGUAGE so that you can tell when your inner child (the wounds of your childhood) is playing out.

Once you recognise them in words and behaviour and understand what this part of you needs and desires from you, you are a huge leap forward in your steps towards conscious living!


In your desire to escape your subconscious conditioning it's important to be around CONSCIOUS peeps!

If you stay around folks with similar programming...for example those who believe "Those with money are snooty and manipulative", then you aren't going to get very far abundance wise. If you stay around those who often tell you "All men are arseholes" or "All women are devious" then you aren't going to be in a great position to stay high vibe so that you attract Conscious partners into your life.

You see where I am going with this right...

Your environment, especially when you are first waking up to yourself, is hugely important and the people you NEED at this time are those who are fighting in your Soul's corner rather than those who are in a battle with their own subconscious blocks!

Don't get me wrong...everyone is trying to release something...but there are those who are consciously SEEKING themselves and those who aren't!

So CHOOSE your consciously growing environment wisely and remember to plant yourself in places where the sun shines and there are loving conscious people who will water you with healthy vibes and affirming thoughts about you.


That must also check YOUR thoughts and beliefs because those healthy minded loving hearted beings will eventually fall away if you are thinking and saying negative things all the time.

Conscious beings only want to be around other conscious beings so do your work and check the limiting beliefs that form the opinions that come out of your mouth and then go back and do step 1!!!

There is so much more I could share but I think that's enough for your conscious up-leveling and block removing today.

Do let me know how you get on with the simple steps I've suggested above.



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Thursday, 4 April 2019

- Are You Money Conscious? -

Becoming Conscious about your money and your manifesting ability around money takes becoming FULLY Conscious of what your money is doing right now in your life.

Yes...that sounds kinda boring...I get it!

But it's very necessary because if you don't know what you have and you don't know what your money is in where it's actually are literally LEAKING money from your internal money bank and you haven't learnt how to INVEST in it!

Meaning...if you don't know what your money is doing haven't learned how to INVEST your energy into money manifesting.

Manifesting money ISN'T just about dreaming it, visualising it and then taking the action to create more abundance. IS these things...but it's not JUST these things.

If you don't know your Money in where you are at right now with money and the karmic influence of your family conditioning around your limiting beliefs around money...then you are working with your DEFAULT Blueprint and that can get very messy!

You needs you to SUPPORT it.

It needs you to ALLOW it and it needs you to PARENT it!

Parenting your money is just like parenting yourself...for those of you who don't know me I primarily work with the Inner Child because this is the place that most of our life problems, including repeating patterns, appear.

And for works in a very similar way.

We have to learn how to manage our money by parenting our money and befriending it otherwise we aren't trust worthy with our money and money will most likely be lost to us on a regular basis.

AND...Saving your money isn't always a guarantee of manifesting more of it!

Sometimes when we penny pinch we actually stop the flow of money.

We need money to move through us so that is can come back to us in a fuller and more abundant way.

We need to learn how to be receptive...using feminine energy...and also action taking...using masculine energy...and this means money has to flow to us and from us like electicity and emotion.

I go into this in much more detail on my Money Blocks Blueprint Course.

You can find out more about that here 


One way you can contribute to your money manifesting is to align with your masculine energy's positive attributes.

We can look at this energy as focus, presence, planning and deciding by looking at "what is".

Here we need to look at the money that we actually have coming in and then look at where it is going.

Are you paying for something on a monthly basis that you have forgotten about and never use such gym membership or phone app?

Which of these are a good idea to keep and which can you let go of and free some of your money up?

Is there anything else you need to put money into to grow in alignment with yourself such as moving city, travelling abroad or uplevelling your business?

Where can you save money to direct it towards your future?

These are all important questions that we rarely ask ourselves simply as we haven't been taught the true value of creating a money foundation.

Our feminine energy, however, is required to do the manifesting part.

Our emotional energy...our intuition and Soul required to really ramp up our money .

We can view this as gut feeling, inspiration, creativity, flow, an inner calling, inspired strategy and visualisation (particularly of future manifesting).

Without your feminine in play the masculine can take over and you will become bogged down in the limiting mind money modality.

We need BOTH to really generate money from a Soul Aligned place!

I'll be sharing much more about Soul Aligned Money via my Podcast which you can tune into here: is neutral...YOU are the generator...Let's set your energy to money magnet!


Monday, 1 April 2019

- Is Your Money Emotionally Unavailable? -

There's a concept I want to share with you that I see time and time again...

...that your money relates to your relationships!

What I mean by this is that your money shows up for you the way men do, your money shows up for you the way women do and ultimately, your money shows up for you the way YOU do!

Because ultimately money is generated BY you and THROUGH you the same way your intimate relationships are.

There are many who talk of money as ENERGY but for me money is NEUTRAL.

Money is something we PUT VALUE onto...just like we do with our intimate partners.

We FEEL feelings for our loved ones that generate ENERGY...but those people are simply people even if they themselves have their own feelings and energy...they are neutral in our world until WE place OUR energy there.

This is the same as money.

Money, being neutral, is only given energy once WE engage with it. 

Thus money interacts with us the way WE interpret it.

If we see it as a threat we may shut down from it.

If we see it as hard work we may keep blaming it for being so.

If we believe money only loves RICH/POSH/SNOBBISH people and we don't want to be that way, then we deny money from our world.

Or, If we are attracted to money but believe that we can't have becomes Mr or Mrs Unavailable!

And then we start to view money similarly to the way we do in our intimate relationships.

You may hold onto money by hiding the little you you have and not wanting to share it or spend it which can become similar to control in relationships.

You may become judgemental about how much money you allow a similar way to your "worthiness" around love.

You may believe that you can't have more money...which is similar to how your men or women show up for you in their ability to love you.

You may accept lower paying jobs that you are worthy of...just like the crumbs you are willing to take from an uncommitted partner!

You may spend every penny you have very easily because you don't value money...which can show the way you don't really value your relationship with money. Is this similar to relationship for you? Have you been told you don't value your there will be another Lover just around the corner!

There are LOTS of ways we can correlate our money issues with our love issues and so I know that if you have money problems you tend to have heart's why...

Money, as said before is neutral.

You are the energy generator.

Your belief system around money are similar to the ones you have about love.

The reason for this is because much of our belief least the toxic up at unworthiness!

Unworthiness closes our heart energy.

It's been proven now, scientifially, that our heart energy is much stronger, wider and broader than the energy we omit from our minds.

So...if we feel unworthy...and we close our hearts because of our "unworthiness"...what do you think happens to your money generating abilities!???

See where I'm going with this?

Your HEART is your true GENERATOR!

Your heart is the generator of your ABUNDANT LIFE because it's ever hopeful!

Your heart, unfiltered by the minds doubts, has SO MUCH ENERGY that you can attract money if you simply switch your mind's position of Master to that of Side-Kick!

Your mind is a great generator of IDEAS when you allow your heart to remain open and responsive to your Soul's intuitive prompts.

If you let your mind take over and try to generate money from that place without remaining open (heart space) and connected to your gut (soul space)...then your money can float in the ether...just like that relationship you truly desire...because your mind (along with your protective Ego) won't believe that money is possible for you!

I hope you can feel how passionate I am about this topic because my true passion is not to make you Rich..though wouldn't that be lovely says your's to make you REAL.

It's my desire to help as many people to wake up to their true self and their amazing gifts and abilities and part of that is to help you to manifest more of YOUR money...the money that you truly deserve to become MORE of  your Soul Led Self.

I'd love to invite you to take a deeper look into your money blocks by watching  my FREE 3 part Money Blocks Blueprint Series. 

Simply CLICK HERE to join in the money blocks conversation and discover more about your own personal money flow!

Let's ALIGN with money and get rich in more ways than one!


Sunday, 17 March 2019

- Release Your Money Blocks -

Money has been portrayed for generations as a dirty word.

Embeded in the Collective Unconscious are images of humans who are money hungry which repel those of us who are heart-led and lead us into lack!

We have also been programmed by society and our family conditioning to believe the same about money.

Think of some of the phrases that have been dealt as truth down your family line. I'm sure you'll come up with a few that may sound like...

"Money doesn't grow on trees"

"You have to work hard to make money"

"Money is the root of all evil"

"Men make more money that Women"

"People who have money are snobby and unempathetic"

"People who have money dress smart and are skinny"

If you have any of these beliefs inside...and let's face it, who doesn't on some level!? They are literally blocking you from your ability to connect to the vibration of money and thus you feel lack instead of ABUNDANCE!

Let's look at money vibrationally to understand it more.

Let's consider that money is water. Water is neutral UNTIL we add something to it.

There have been many studies on water that show that when you add a particular flower to it that water retains the "memory" of that particular flower!

Dr Emoto's work on water showed the powerful way that words affect water and thus the power way WE affect ourselves by our own words about ourselves because we are primarily made up of WATER!

Sceptical?...I urge you to watch the video below!

There's SCIENCE to this...not just hippy woo woo spiritual stuff 😉

So...if money is indeed like water...which I consider it to be considering the way if flows from one hand to another, one account to another AND just like water becomes an essential part of US, money becomes food, drink, travel, gadgets, books, courses, gifts etc...therefore it is transmutable and something that has the ability to become whatever you desire it to be!

Money, as a transformative energy, can be an amazing and essential tool in your growth and evolution.

Far from being "evil" and "snobby", money has the ability to bring us JOY and FREEDOM...but of course...only if we use it wisely and only if we are connected to our Soul!

Money, ALIGNED with SOUL, sets you on a path of growth and helps you to reach your highest potential.

Looking at this in a simple and grounded way...if you don't have money you are in SURVIVAL's hard to grow and thrive when you are surviving on crumbs and feeling like you are only ever "making ends meet".

The reality is that you need to create a friendship with money and then you need to learn to have a RELATIONSHIP with money...yes, you heard me...get intimately connected to money...and discover your blocks to LOVING it!

Just like your own personal intimate relationship...your lessons around money and how you see it. How you project onto it and how you abuse it or neglect it...are rooted in your inner money wounds!

I work often with the inner child in client Soul Sessions. Your inner child is directly linked to your true Soul Self...and since the Soul Self is the driver for your Soul makes sense that your inner child and Soul are directly linked to your ability to manifest money.

Your money is simply waiting for you to fall in love with it and yourself!!!


Money, in our subconscious, is often related to masculine energy. We see this in our family conditioning, in society AND in our energy.

Most often when we desire to create money we feel we have to take ACTION and CREATE it.

This is true...but only in part!

The real truth about money is that you also have to ALLOW it!

You have to be open to recieving which means your feminine energy of emotion, love and receiving, needs to be activated also.

This means that your HEART has to be open...and this is hard if you don't trust yourself...if you essentially don't fully LOVE yourself when it comes to money. can love who you are and what you do in the world...but if you don't love who you are around money and you don't love money itself (in a non egoic way), then you will struggle to allow money into your life.

What if money doesn't grow on trees BUT it doesn't grow from the SEED YOU PLANT!?

Meaning...what if you are FULL of money generating ideas?

What if your Soul knows EXACTLY how you can make more money?

What if the answer lies in the connection of you to your Soul Voice?

What if YOUR MONEY is simply waiting for you to collect it by becoming an open channel?

What if money shows up for you when you finally fall in LOVE with YOURSELF?

I want to add in something else...

...If you don't feel you have enough money you are unlikely to put money aside for your self care and you may feel guilty for putting money towards your GROWTH because somewhere hidden inside of you, there is the belief of lack and of not being able to create abundance, and paying for growth when you don't trust yourself and you don't trust money seems ridiculous!

HOWEVER...since money is energy and flows TO and FROM HAVE to SPEND money in order to BRING IT BACK TO YOU!

Now...I'm not saying go crazy and spend all you have in order for you to manifest more no no.

But what I am saying is that those who hold onto money (take old Scrooge for example 😜) have a real hard time keeping it!

These are the types of people who find that they money they are trying to hard to save disappears on a sudden car breakdown or leaking water pipe in their home.

They try over and over to keep their money with them and sadly end up chasing money away because their belief system stops the flow of can't come back to them easily...and life is usually a struggle.

In my Money Blocks Blueprint Workshop I take you through the foundation of money...learning about your money and how it works RIGHT NOW in your life.

This is where we get to see EXACTLY how you deal with money.

OOoh..uncomfortable...maybe...but ESSENTIAL..YES!

We then go on to look at the limiting beliefs you hold around money. Family karma and conditioning and the beliefs you hold about YOURSELF and your ability to manifest money.

We dive deep into your money limitations and start to break you fee of the chains that are holding you back from YOUR money!

YOU have the ability to create way more abundance in your world than you realise...yes YOU...and I want to help you.

My Money Blocks Blueprint Workshop can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.

In 4 hours we will clear out your old unwanted money conditioing and start you on the path to connecting with your Soul's money manifesting MAGIC!

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