Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Acting As If It's Already There!

I was listening to another Spiritual Teacher the other day who was talking about "Acting As If.."

I'm not gonna lie. I found it hugely irritating lol!

I listened to the Spiritualising of this concept and found myself saying NO inside.

He spoke about acting as if you have (fill in the blank) like it's a done deal.

He mentioned that you...your future self...your higher self...whichever self you want to believe in...has already made whatever stuff you want to manifest happen!

It's all there...simply match with that alignment and there you appears.

He was talking about Relationships in particular and this made his point even more fluffy in my personal opinion and, just so you know..

...I am tired of Spiritual fluff! ;) 

Acting as if is not simply about imagining that you already have something because it's a "Done Deal" in some other paradigm. 


Acting as if does NOT, for the majority of us, bring you the person of your dreams to your doorstep when you haven't taken a look at your conditioning and cleared your shit because let's face it, your dream person is soooo dreamy that unless you are a pretty awakened conscious being, they very likely won't entertain any subconscious drama brought into the relationship.

Acting as if does NOT simply mean that if you wear Louis Vuitton that lots of money will suddenly appear in your bank account.

Acting as if does NOT suddenly make you a business person if you are crap at actually running your business and you haven't laid any foundations to make it run as a business. 

Acting as if does NOT make you a good Parent if you are only being nice about your kids in front of other people and being a tyrant behind closed doors.

Acting as if does NOT make you a kind person if you aren't kind to those you love and ultimately, kind to yourself!

Acting as if does NOT make the dream life happen without taking some action AND usually some kind of work that you probably don't readily want to do to make it happen!

Acting as if does NOT make you happy if underneath you are feeling insecure and have programming that tells you you're "too much" or "not enough!"

Are you catching my flow?...

From my point of view, Grounded Spirituality is needed here!

You see, all of us have some kind of Subconscious conditioning running somewhere in our lives. Perhaps in many areas...perhaps in just a few.

When we Act As If without taking a look at what is REALLY going on within us, we deny ourselves our future vision because we are literally ACTING!

I mean, I know we all want to be the star of our life's movie, but I'd much rather not ACT my way through it and live in ALIGNMENT with my Soul because I've grown to learn that...

...Soul knows the way much better than any "faking it till I make it" stuff I ever tried!

And as said in the pic above, sometimes Soul is gonna ask you to do something you sure as hell don't want to!


Sometimes we are going to have to do things that are hard and make us feel like we can't go forward or are failing.

We are going to have to own our inability to talk with emotional balance and to face off the demons we carry around from our childhood.

Sometimes we are going to have to push through periods of time when we need to learn something that we find difficult for our relationships to thrive or for our business to work...just as sometimes we are going to have to slow down or stop when we want to keep charging on with a project and have forgotten about ourselves and our loved ones.

There are many ways of being that we need to become aware of before our future selves can deliver to us the life we dream of and....

...Sometimes we are just going to have to accept defeat because Soul is guiding us towards a path that is so much better for us than we can ever imagine!


 There are MANY times, due to us having Free Will and due to the nature's we are born with (I love astrology to help with this one!) that come along with their own set of "things" to learn AND due to our conditioning that we take paths that are part of our life's learnings...which is all good by the way...BUT, they may not be the best path we could take for our Soul's purpose to manifest. 

Soul will try to send us curve balls or red flags in the aim that we become more conscious of our repeating patterns and conditioned mind and take heed!

Soul's hope for us is not that we don't go through any hardship, but that we wake up to our true selves and our conditioning as quickly as we can and as part of this 3D human experience at the moment, it's the quickest way to wake us up in our short Earth lives!

There is another way to learn...which I will talk more about in another blog but for now...

I feel, we would achieve much more of what our true self wants by coming into ALIGNMENT rather than Acting as if!


Because if we really cleared out our conditioning then we would be authentically choosing who we are. 

We would be able to WITNESS our conditioning, our repeating patterns and the messages that Soul sends our way!

We would be WILLING to do the work that it is going to take to become the version of OURSELVES that is needed to have the relationship, the money, the family, the career and the dream life!

We would check in with our inner child and get to know our EGO so that we can PARENT OURSELVES into our future with understanding, compassion and discernment.

We would recognise when Soul is delivering MESSAGES to us so that we can work from our INTUITION rather than our heads.

And we would STOP when we saw an old pattern emerging or have no inner guidance from Soul and take it as a message that we need to do some checking in with ourselves or that we need to wait before taking our next steps.

Because this is all how we truly GET THERE!


Now, don't get me wrong. There may be times when faking it till you make it has it's place.

Maybe you have trouble with your confidence and by faking it (whilst taking action of course in your chosen area of confidence practice) you train yourself to trust yourself!

I'm ALL about that kind of work.

BUT...what Acting As If does, if we Spiritualise it away, is create a lineage of people who forget that the true Inner Work is what it takes to become the version of you that is calling you to rise up from within!

We forget that it's going to take discipline, willingness and a connection to ourselves to show us that we can do it. Especially when we feel like we can't because it feels messy and scary and difficult!

And so...I feel the need to share this with you to clear up any misunderstandings that "Acting As If" may be creating in spiritual community.

There is ALLOWING and ALIGNMENT vrs ACTING and ABANDONING the Self....I know which one I'm choosing.

How about you?..


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Thursday, 20 May 2021

You Must Align In Order To Shine!


Alignment is my new favourite Spiritual Buzz Word!

Why, you may ask?

Well, really it's quite simple...I believe that Alignment tells us more about our Spiritual Journey than Enlightenment, Self-Love, Healing or Manifestation in many ways.

You see, many of us are chasing ourselves!

Chasing ourselves because we believe we have lost ourselves or we haven't found ourselves and so we try to become more Conscious...we meditate, we read, we chant, we do yoga, we breathe, we love and then...well...then what?

Many of us find, including myself, that doing these things simply isn't enough!

It's not enough to simply try and love yourself without knowing the root of why you don't.

It's not enough to fill your days with meditation and yoga or Soul Led Conscious Tribe if you don't know why you still feel lonely inside.

It's not enough to read books on manifestation and create a vision board if you don't know what your Soul is guiding you towards!

The chase for purpose isn't enough when your inner child hasn't been acknowledged and allowed to play in a long time.

The desire for more abundance isn't enough if you have negative imprints and conditioning from your past still playing out in your present.

The craving for a Soul Mate can lead to recurring patterns and pain if you haven't learnt about what YOU need to feel loved and supported and cleared any old wounds and beliefs you have about your love-ability!

So...maybe you can see why I prefer to speak about ALIGNMENT more than anything else!

When you align, truly and authentically, with your Soul and you let your Soul lead you to where it knows you are going to grow the most and contribute most to the planet, then and only then do you feel your internal POWER switch back on!

Most of us are WAITING for something to happen or powering on through rather than stopping, getting really quiet and listening...and no, I don't mean meditating your chaos away ;) ...I mean truly LISTENING to what is going on within.

The ALIGNMENT path is where your Gut instinct (Body wisdom and intuition) meets your heart, mind & Soul in oneness...and in truth, this isn't an easy path to take!

It isn't easy because minds are bogged down with limiting beliefs about ourselves and what's possible for us including the influence of conditioning from our environment, such as how we experienced our upbringing, the country we grew up in and those who surrounded us during our formative years.

Our hearts, whilst ever hopeful, are laden with wounds from unhealthy relationships and the unmet parts of us from our childhood AND our gut is usually layered in some amount of FEAR that traps our intuition behind it's walls.
We are in a way, lost to ourselves because we are lost within the Self!

Apologies if I'm making this all sound like there is no easy way to truly up-level and reach the pinnacle of Spiritually attuned awareness of Self.

It's not that it's all hard work. There will be some for sure however, but not because Soul makes it so...but because your EGO will do what it can to keep you contemplating all that you aren't and aim to thwart you from reaching Soul's destination!

And so, the only way to truly get around your Ego is to tame it's effect is by witnessing the wounds held within and THEN re-aligning yourself with your TRUTH.

What is the truth you may say...

Well, the truth...YOUR that you are MUCH MORE than you know. You are more CONNECTED than you realise. You are more LOVED and LOVE-ABLE than you believe and that you are not ALONE in your pursuit of your HIGHEST POTENTIAL!

I've worked with many people who, just like you, are seeking themselves, who are diving deep, who are unwilling to give up and who feel called to something more by something deep inside of them.

These people, just like you, are called to ALIGN with themselves in order to SHINE at their highest level!

These people, like you, are ready to claim the key to their Soul led path and do the inner work required to align with the pieces of themselves they have denied, the parts of themselves they have forgotten and the dream of themselves they have yet to manifest.

The question is...are you ready to align?  


You will know when you are ready to ALIGN because you will have experienced the following but are now SO UNBELIEVABLY READY to make change you literally can't sit and keep doing the same old same old!!!

You may have experienced moments when things seem to be crumbling around you. When you feel stuck and aren't sure where to step to next. When you are being triggered by repeating patterns or when your past seems to be catching up with you. When you experience emotional reactions and surges that aren't your "norm" or when your "usual" emotional chaos threatens to break the power it has pretended to own for so long.

Your heart may have been broken yet again or you may feel defeated at work OR you may even have a dream so big that it is burning inside of you asking to be born that it just won't stay squashed deep down inside of you anymore....

And have literally gotten TIRED of trying to DO IT BY YOURSELF and are fed up of trying so hard to figure out WHY you simply "aren't there yet!"'s at this point, at the moment, that something inside usually speaks...and it's usually the first time we get to hear our frightened Inner Child...



...And so if we listen deeply enough, without judgement or fear getting in the way, we can start to re-connect!


I believe, that once we start simply reconnecting to this forgotten part of us, we then start a sequence of synchronistic events that are leading us back to self....and leading us back to our TRUTH!

The Inner Child is the first piece of the missing sections of the puzzle of you but after the re-connection, with a willingness to keep checking in and responding to him or her, things start to shift.

You feel safer within your own skin. You struggle less with doubts and negative self talk. You try things you would "normally" be afraid of and you step up more for yourself in the moments when you need to speak your truth.

Because, basically, once you reconnect to this foundation within yourself and gain it's TRUST you learn to be a PARENT to yourself in a way that you simply never have been before!

This is the root and the trunk of the tree of your life...and once these are in place pretty much ANYTHING that is Soul led is possible and you feel differently about your life because you lead with INTUITION and TRUST rather than living it using the mind or following a wounded heart.

I know this makes sense to you...

...because you've tried pretty much everything else and yet, THIS, calls to you somehow ;)

So, if you feel called, then it's time to ALIGN because let's not leave Baby in the corner....let's let her SHINE!


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Monday, 13 April 2020

5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Plant Your Business Seeds Now!

In this present moment, it may not seem like the time to start showing up online and promoting your business, but I'd like to give 5 simple reasons why this can absolutely be the very BEST time to be doing exactly that!

1. There has never been a time on the planet when there are so many people sitting at home looking for YOUR service. 

Now, you may be saying "how do I know there are people looking for my service in this moment?"

Well, firstly, you don't...because if you are reading this you most probably aren't out there showing up just OR aren't yet showing up in a viable way.

You also may have beliefs about the current climate that are holding you back from reaching the customers who would be grateful for your product or service right now!

For example, you may be a Dog Groomer. You may not be able to serve your customers directly BUT you CAN show them some simple tips on dog grooming AND you by showing up with your tips and tricks you are seen by the people who will absolutely LOVE to come and use your services when our lives go back to being interactive "in person".

You may be a Yoga Teacher who can't facilitate classes in person but you absolutely CAN online and you now perhaps have a GLOBAL market instead of simply the one on your doorstep!

You may be a Photographer who now has had many clients cancel and now your summer is left high and dry without an ounce of work.

You do have however, a ton of transferable skills that may mean you can build a course to teach others how to take amazing shots using natural light or how to take professional looking Instagram worthy selfies AND this may even be a time to think "out of the box" which leads me to point no. two..

2. There has never been a time on the planet where time has literally stood still!

The Western World normally lives in a chronically super busy state. 

This means that people's attention span is generally low because there simply isn't the time or energy to dedicate focus on the million ads promoting interesting material on Facebook or Instagram. 

It becomes really easy to say to yourself "I'll look at that later" or sign up to a webinar or free course and then forget all about it.

Right now at this very moment, where life has slowed to a standstill for many, nearly EVERYONE is on social media for many more hours in the day than they normally would allow AND those people have TIME that they wouldn't normally have, to really look at your service and ask themselves if this is indeed, something that can serve them today!

3.There has never been a time where people have the space to ask themselves some important personal questions!

Right now on the Planet there are a ton of people asking themselves questions about their life. 

There are people who are having to face things that they have ignored for perhaps, months or years who now have the space to realize any dissatisfaction in their life.

They may be in a relationship that has lost it's spark or has become toxic and they are now looking for relationship insights online.

There are people who are sitting at home feeling an intense relief, enjoying the fact that they don't have to travel to work and who are now seeing how much their work life is eating away at their happiness.

These people are asking themselves how they can become happier, more free, more creative and inspired in their life.

They may even be trying to find the answers to their emotional health and seeking to clear old conditioning and traumas that they realize they are still holding inside.

They may feel a creative surge coming from inside urging them to embrace it and now wish to find something...perhaps your service...that can inspire their more creative, artistic side.

4. There has never been a time more plentiful than now in people looking for guidance online!

Parents are at home finding that they are at home having to school their children. 

They may have considered this in the past or they may be struggling to manage their time, to understand how to teach their children relevant skills and keep them entertained at the same time!

There are people who are now using this time to focus on becoming fitter, learning how to eat healthier, detox and how to prepare tasty meals from scratch where they would normally have relied on eating out or buying in takeaways.

Some are searching for examples of healthy relationships or ideas about businesses that could give them the freedom from the 9-5.

Contrary to popular belief...there are many people seeking to grow during this time where it appears from the outside, that we are stuck.

5. There has never been a better time to plant your business seeds!

There has never been a period of time where people's attention has been taken away from the mundane to the possible.

Despite the fear that encapsulates TV and often Social Media, there are those who are seeking positive reinforcement!

Many no longer wish to read about the world being in a state of alarm and desperation.

They would rather seek what they can do for their future....they are looking at their future with curiosity....asking themselves about what really matters.

These people are not looking at the short term. They are playing to win in the long term!

By planting your business seeds now you are sewing the seeds of your business for the months ahead, when we are out of confinement.

If you were to focus on showing up consistently, in three to six months, your customers will already be fully aware of who you are and how your business can serve them.

By focusing on the end game, rather than the lull in the middle, you allow your business seeds to grow, be watered and then to finally sprout.

So, you may now be able to see that despite the restrictions in our world right now, online business is absolutely the way forward and there are a multitude of possibilities available.

If you simply take the skills you currently have and ask yourself how you could serve others with your knowledge and skill set, what service would you deliver to the online world?
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