Monday, 13 April 2020

5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Plant Your Business Seeds Now!

In this present moment, it may not seem like the time to start showing up online and promoting your business, but I'd like to give 5 simple reasons why this can absolutely be the very BEST time to be doing exactly that!

1. There has never been a time on the planet when there are so many people sitting at home looking for YOUR service. 

Now, you may be saying "how do I know there are people looking for my service in this moment?"

Well, firstly, you don't...because if you are reading this you most probably aren't out there showing up just OR aren't yet showing up in a viable way.

You also may have beliefs about the current climate that are holding you back from reaching the customers who would be grateful for your product or service right now!

For example, you may be a Dog Groomer. You may not be able to serve your customers directly BUT you CAN show them some simple tips on dog grooming AND you by showing up with your tips and tricks you are seen by the people who will absolutely LOVE to come and use your services when our lives go back to being interactive "in person".

You may be a Yoga Teacher who can't facilitate classes in person but you absolutely CAN online and you now perhaps have a GLOBAL market instead of simply the one on your doorstep!

You may be a Photographer who now has had many clients cancel and now your summer is left high and dry without an ounce of work.

You do have however, a ton of transferable skills that may mean you can build a course to teach others how to take amazing shots using natural light or how to take professional looking Instagram worthy selfies AND this may even be a time to think "out of the box" which leads me to point no. two..

2. There has never been a time on the planet where time has literally stood still!

The Western World normally lives in a chronically super busy state. 

This means that people's attention span is generally low because there simply isn't the time or energy to dedicate focus on the million ads promoting interesting material on Facebook or Instagram. 

It becomes really easy to say to yourself "I'll look at that later" or sign up to a webinar or free course and then forget all about it.

Right now at this very moment, where life has slowed to a standstill for many, nearly EVERYONE is on social media for many more hours in the day than they normally would allow AND those people have TIME that they wouldn't normally have, to really look at your service and ask themselves if this is indeed, something that can serve them today!

3.There has never been a time where people have the space to ask themselves some important personal questions!

Right now on the Planet there are a ton of people asking themselves questions about their life. 

There are people who are having to face things that they have ignored for perhaps, months or years who now have the space to realize any dissatisfaction in their life.

They may be in a relationship that has lost it's spark or has become toxic and they are now looking for relationship insights online.

There are people who are sitting at home feeling an intense relief, enjoying the fact that they don't have to travel to work and who are now seeing how much their work life is eating away at their happiness.

These people are asking themselves how they can become happier, more free, more creative and inspired in their life.

They may even be trying to find the answers to their emotional health and seeking to clear old conditioning and traumas that they realize they are still holding inside.

They may feel a creative surge coming from inside urging them to embrace it and now wish to find something...perhaps your service...that can inspire their more creative, artistic side.

4. There has never been a time more plentiful than now in people looking for guidance online!

Parents are at home finding that they are at home having to school their children. 

They may have considered this in the past or they may be struggling to manage their time, to understand how to teach their children relevant skills and keep them entertained at the same time!

There are people who are now using this time to focus on becoming fitter, learning how to eat healthier, detox and how to prepare tasty meals from scratch where they would normally have relied on eating out or buying in takeaways.

Some are searching for examples of healthy relationships or ideas about businesses that could give them the freedom from the 9-5.

Contrary to popular belief...there are many people seeking to grow during this time where it appears from the outside, that we are stuck.

5. There has never been a better time to plant your business seeds!

There has never been a period of time where people's attention has been taken away from the mundane to the possible.

Despite the fear that encapsulates TV and often Social Media, there are those who are seeking positive reinforcement!

Many no longer wish to read about the world being in a state of alarm and desperation.

They would rather seek what they can do for their future....they are looking at their future with curiosity....asking themselves about what really matters.

These people are not looking at the short term. They are playing to win in the long term!

By planting your business seeds now you are sewing the seeds of your business for the months ahead, when we are out of confinement.

If you were to focus on showing up consistently, in three to six months, your customers will already be fully aware of who you are and how your business can serve them.

By focusing on the end game, rather than the lull in the middle, you allow your business seeds to grow, be watered and then to finally sprout.

So, you may now be able to see that despite the restrictions in our world right now, online business is absolutely the way forward and there are a multitude of possibilities available.

If you simply take the skills you currently have and ask yourself how you could serve others with your knowledge and skill set, what service would you deliver to the online world?
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