Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Putting The Feeling First...

We have learnt not to trust our feelings.

We have learnt to steer the mind away and recoil in disgust at our darkest emotions.

We have learnt that darkness is wrong and that only light & happiness is worthy of our attention.

We have elevated laughter and hidden our pain beneath it.

We have exhaulted the mind and squashed our feelings inside our bodies.

We have forgotten the wisdom of the body and placed the mind as king when he is really our captor.

But what if we simply listened...

What would be discover about our deepest selves?

The endlessness of our feelings.

The depth and breadth of the ocean.

The limitlessness of time and space.

The fragility of our belief systems.

The truth of our being.

And underneath it all connection to ourselves and those around us.

Feelings come first....thoughts come second.

And in the dance of emotion find the truth of yourself and with compassion create a safe space for all emotions to dwell in harmony together.

You are so much more than you know until you meet your feelings first :)


Saturday, 11 August 2018

Living with The Power of Intention

Intention is much deeper than Goal setting and much wider than living life with blinkers on whilst trying to achieve or claim or capture!

Intention is listening to your desire whilst checking in with Soul.

It's reclaiming the lost parts of you before you set your intentions so that any programming and conditioning can't mess up your intention setting.

It's making sure your intentions are benevolent and not just coming from a selfish place.

Intention is about manifesting and, as with the law of attraction, you have to allow some SPACE!

Intention is about letting the Universe in to help you...having no definitive answer as to the HOW of your intention being manifested.

It's also about remaining open to synchronicities around your set intention AND about noticing anything that is showing up in your world to show you if Soul is trying to get you to shift your intention just a lil bit....or a hell of a lot!?

Intention setters know that if their intentions aren't manifesting they have either missed something (inner work needing to be done) or Soul is asking them to wait (things are not aligned yet) OR Soul is guiding them towards something more aligned!

As the late Dr Wayne Dyer said..."Our intention creates our reality"

And thus, Intention setters also know that ENERGY must be checked! Our thoughts must be in sync with our higher self. Our beliefs must be in alignment with love and our focus must be on the best outcome...otherwise, we are not fighting with Soul...oh no...

We are fighting with ourselves!

You would be right in thinking that the worst person to speak to when setting an BIG intention...especially if it's something that is not the "norm" for sometimes someone in our family or a good friend who knows we are not capable ;) may even have a partner who is like this!

Because they KNOW us...right?

They know who we show up as and as thus it can be hard for them to see you achieve more than they did, more than you have and more than most around you do also.

The reality is, you are here on the planet to do YOU first and many of us are here on the planet to align with a different perspective and INTENTION than what is manifest at the moment here in the 3D!

So, knowing this, and kindly asking your loved ones to step aside ;) the next person we need to look at is...YOU!

YOU are most likely the main problem when it comes to setting intentions.

We MUST make sure that the limiting beliefs of our upbringing and current environment are not actually residing in our heads!!!

This is where most of us fall...we try and try from a physical place...but forget about our ENERGY which includes our thoughts and beliefs AND the fact that subconscious thoughts and beliefs are amplified through emotions in our body....deep in the cellular memory!

We must look and honour and then set intentions for our true selves to awaken first...before we set intentions for our Soul Mate, our abundance, our children, our new home or our promotion.

This is a big topic but the last thing I want to mention today is GOAL SETTING and why it can thwart your intention setting.

The problem with Goal setting is that goals are usually blinkered.

Imagine, if you will, a horse on the race track with blinkers on.

It can only see the goal ahead...which is great for focus...but it means that it cannot see pitfalls that may occur to the sides.

It cannot see when there are warning simply surges onwards.

It also has it's adrenaline pumping. It has no time to rest to check in with itself if it's ok.

AND, it usually has it's rider whipping it's ass...ONWARDS!

All focus is on winning...and whilst it's nice to's NOT what your Soul cares about!

Soul cares about what you LEARN and asks if you are ready to truly honour yourself.

Soul cares about where you are most aligned and where you will do the most good for yourself and others in the world.

Soul desires your desires for you are one another BUT it may not desire them in the same way you do!

Soul desires your desires when you are READY where as you may simply want to have it now ;)

So...put simply...setting intentions can lead to a much more rewarding experience than goal setting because intention setting includes SOUL where as many times goal setting includes EGO!

So do as Wayne suggests!

Set intentions, because Soul aligned reality is what we do best!


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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Intuition - Waiting For The Juice!

I love this image because, to me, it explains perfectly what we need to do with our mind when it comes to intuition!

We need to let our mind be still and drop ourselves into our body wisdom in order to really feel what our gut is telling us about people, ourselves and the situations that crop up in life.

Intuition is one of the foundations required to build inner TRUST and SOUL ALIGNMENT. Without it we are left to the mind's flights of fancy, doubts, wims and divisiveness.

The problem with intuition is that we are trained to ignore it!

We aren't trained in the art of allowing an inner prompting to guide makes no sense to the world of the analytical mind.

We are taught that learning, absorbing and collating information makes us powerful and that "gut instinct" is left for those who are either risk takers (which feels unsafe for most) or highly developed Psychics!

The mind learns not to trust the body...we are literally trained to DISCONNECT from it...and so the mind becomes Master and the body it's slave.

Our body's intuitive wisdom is lost in our daily awareness because the mind has been favoured for generations.  

Now, I'm not saying that we should dismiss our mind entirely...not at all!

The truth is that we need BOTH our Mind and our Intuitive Gut to be in SYNC with one another.

Our mind, when conscious and in tune with our body, is the discerning instrument that the gut needs it to be. Our mind can then help us to discern and interpret the messages being sent to us.

Before then, we will have gut responses that will leave us unsure of their meaning and, unfortunately, since Fear can also lead to many gut responses, our mind can trick us into reaction that is unwarranted or stop us from moving forward when our Soul is calling.

But we must learn how to interpret the messages if we truly want to lead a Soul Led Life because leading your life intuitively will lead you to where your talents are most realised, your gifts are most appreciated, your friends are truly Soul Mates and to where you feel so much MORE of you than you can do with using your mind alone.

That said, today's message is not just about cultivating a connection to your's about recognising when you have none!


Many clients come to me telling me that they don't have a gut instinct...or at least, if they ever tells them bad stuff.

Fear has gotten a hold of the gut and as the brain is only trained to listen to that particular feeling in the belly, it's the only one they absolutely know they receive!

And so they learn that the gut is a fear bringer and when the gut sends a signal they should be afraid. This leads our heads to freak out and over time we shut off to the guts signals.

The rest of the time, when their gut is quiet, the simply have NO JUICE! There is no instinct prompting them so move forward with a project or an idea. No vibes to stay away from a particular person or contract. No resonance with people. No energy to motivate them into action...and let's face it..they dunno where they'd be going to anyway!

When you have NO JUICE there could be a few things happening...

1. You haven't yet cleared the fear from your system. Fear (from your inner child and Ego) loves to speak through the then takes over the body and infects the mind...though sometimes it can start the other way around ;)

Fear will do it's best to keep you where you are at and stop you TRUSTING Soul's calling and so you have simply shut off the link to your gut because it tells you scary stuff and it's frightening to turn it back on.

2. You may have become VERY deliberately disconnected from your body. Perhaps, as a child who used to feel a lot, you had to make yourself dense in order to get through life and maybe having some fear in there of "feeling" you allow only some emotions in...usually the top one is ANGER while the rest sit below hiding out somewhere inside.

3. You just don't have any JUICE. You know when you gut speaks to you but for a while now, you hear nothing. You don't know what your instinct is trying to tell you no matter what you try!

Now...if you are the former, you really need to start working with your fear, reconnect to your Inner Child and start to learn how to lead from your Soul Led Guidance!...feel free to message me at hi@yoursoulrevealed if you need some help.

If you are the latter and you simply have no juice it's a good idea to consider these...

1. Are you sleeping enough? - lack of sleep will cause your mind to rant and focus on the wrong things. It creates paranoia and makes you feel out of sync with yourself. It's much harder for your gut to give you the information you need when your sleep pattern is erratic and you are literally worn out! Remember...we are talking body wisdom here and your body needs time to repair and heal and REST!

2. Are you listening to your body? - Do you take time to get to know your body and move it so that you aren't all "up in your head" all day? Do you feel where you ache or where you need to be stretched or when you need to breathe in fresh air or desire fresh foods and water? When you start to notice your bodies daily callings you are much more likely to notice when your intuition is giving you advice!

3. Are you taking action? - When your body speaks to you, do you ignore it or take action? When you have an intuitive prompt and do nothing your mind never syncs up with the gut because you didn't take the action to PROVE to it that your gut is worth listening to! ps..this doesn't work in hyndsight anywhere near as have to trust even when it makes no sense to your head...infact...especially when!

4. Are you eating high vibe foods? - If you are eating poorly your body light/energy is resonating at a lower frequency and dense foods in particular will shut off your gut brain! I'm not saying you can't ever have a cheat day but it's fair to say that in my experience, I'm way more switched on when I eat lightly and lots of clean foods...being on juice alone is an intuition up-leveller!!!

5. Are you meditating? - I'm calling myself up here because this is something I used to do lots and these days not so much ;) but meditation for me at the beginning of my awakening journey was definitely something that activated my Soul Led intuition. If you have a busy mind that likes to take you off track regularly I definitely recommend meditating 15 mins daily at least!

6. Are you connecting with your gut? - Are you listening to what it says to you. Daily meditation with focus here can help. You know the old focus on your breathing thing...but add in an intention to connect to your body wisdom!!! Intention setting is key!

7. Are you speaking your instinct? - I personally found that the more regularly I speak my intuitive guidance the MORE I sync with it. Many will tell you not to speak intentions or "messages" for fear they won't come know like when you make a wish blowing dandelion seeds...but for me speaking out loud helps my subconscious to see that my waking 3D self acknowledges it. Try it and let me know if you also find the same thing happen to you!

8. If you REALLY have no juice and your gut seems to be sleeping TAKE THAT AS A MESSAGE!!!

No juice meaning no prompt or guidance from your gut is also a message from your gut to say "please wait"!

You may need to wait before a piece slots together...perhaps another person is involved and they aren't ready to meet you yet. Perhaps you need to rest or perhaps you need to have another insight happen before you truly understand your next step.

Whatever it is, it's best to wait until you have your juice back on and ideas flowing or simply wait for that KNOWING from the gut before you make a move.

So remember...check in that FEAR is not blocking your path. Do the steps above and if there's still nothing after a couple of weeks WAIT.

Soul always knows and sees more than we do from our 3D perspective and I've learned to trust my Soul more and more because when my free will gets in it will keep going despite Soul's guidance to slow down ;)

Sit back, meditate, relax, allay your fears and let your intuition guide you....but only when there is JUICE!



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Friday, 6 July 2018

The Fruitless Healer

The Fruitless Healer is the one who's healing abilities are no longer laying dormant, but because they do not know how exactly, or where to use their healing abilities, their talents and skills can start to feel like a curse.

Healers like this sadly find themselves endlessly inviting those who need healing into their inner circle, rather than using it where it's meant to serve!

Healers like this need to do some healing on themselves, but most late probably not fully aware of this.

The Fruitless Healer, you see, could be a beacon of hope for many. He or She COULD find a way to help others to heal without it becoming depleting or scary or full of drama but the Fruitless Healer tends to be a person who hasn't rooted themselves in their gift quite yet.

Perhaps they are afraid of the healing work they need to do within or perhaps they are afraid of being overwhelmed should they take on the challenge sent by Source!

A Healer can be born into the world but it takes their FREE WILL to choose and accept the healer's journey and this can be tough for a healer who feel's overwhelmed by their senses and of course, there is the responsibility for others that many find hard to take onboard. 

This is why many healers get stuck!

Healers get stuck in a loop where they find people coming to them, organically, for healing, even if they themselves have no clue yet that they are infact a Healer. 

The wounds of another have a way of seeking out those who would be a safe space to bathe them but regardless, the start of the Healer's Journey can be one of overwhelement and confusion for the most part. 

"Why on earth are people coming to me when I can't get my own life together" is a usual statement!


A Wounded Healer's stance remains like this for quite some time. Their gift becomes a curse that they do not see the joy in and the GOLD of their gifts remains dormant and hidden inside. 

The Fruitless Healer however kind of KNOWS that their mission is to be such a wonder in the world but they may not know exactly HOW this will manifest itself and so they wait it out or search in the wrong places while all the time they are most probably DOING the work that is is the healing work they do most naturally that they don't even consider it to be a THING!

This is a step up because they have said YES to some sort of gift but know not what their gift is in it's fullness and instead their healing starts to happen in the home, with their friends and with their family. 

You may be wondering what is wrong with this?


The problem for the FRUITLESS HEALER is that they will subconsciously invite into their love life wound mates rather than soul mates because they have 

1. forgotten to do their inner work 

2. haven't learned to set boundaries 

3. they usually have a sense of not quite fitting in so any love will do ;) 

Fruitless Healers are attracted to those healing needs more than a sticking plaster!

They want to dive into the deep and clear the hurts of this poor baby even if the baby is a grown man or woman...they feel so deeply the wounds of the unloved that they want to heal that out of them and so whether it be in intimate relationship or with family members who don't listen to you or care for your healing or friends who take and take and take and take...until you realise one day that the relationships are perhaps one sided...and then you wake up!

You wake up to your own un-love...

The real reason a Fruitless Healer is fruitless, meaning that they have not much to show for their amazing healing skills, is that they are trying to heal from a powerless place.

Healers must learn to set boundaries and you can only do this when you realise that YOU are the love of your life. That you must protect your energy not by shutting yourself off but by becoming a powerful parent to yourself so that you HAVE the energy to heal those who require it.

Fruitless Healers also need to learn to say NO to those who sap their energy and omit negativity. If you are a healer who has not yet reaped your harvest you MUST FIND YOUR TRIBE and SET STANDARDS that help you to DISCERN whether or not the people around you are truly good for you or not!

Fruitless Healers are only fruitless because they haven't yet honoured themselves and the skills they have. Said no to the healing happening in their inner world and yes to healthy boundaries. Said no to energy vampires and yes to uplifting tribe members. Said no to being afraid and yes to doing their inner work. 

I could go on but you get the jist. 

For you healers who are waking up to the realisation that your healing skills are manifesting in the WRONG PLACES!!! Pay attention....YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THAT ANYMORE!

Make a choice to DO YOU FIRST...heal and learn and set boundaries and choose wisely and eventually when you are standing BACK IN YOUR POWER you will wonder why you were ever so scared of owning your healing talents and you will heal on YOUR TERMS, no one else's!


If you need some help with setting healthy boundaries and up-leveling as a healer join us here in my Soul Circle now

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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Becoming A Conscious Creator!

What does it mean to become a Conscious Creator?

A Conscious Creator is someone who has learnt about themselves so deeply that they are now aware of their triggers, wounds and self limiting beliefs and have re-programmed themselves to bring themselves into alignment with their Soul!

A Conscious Creator understands that in order to create the reality they want to live in this lifetime that they MUST look within and focus with positive intent. Seeing themselves as their higher self and stepping forward, no matter what, towards that aim.

A Conscious Creator does not diminish emotions that arise within. He or She listens carefully to the fear behind the emotion and learns to speak to his or her inner child.  They understand that by gaining trust of their inner child they find the key to intuitive knowing with direction and purpose.

There is soooo much more I could stay about becoming a conscious creator but what I'd like to give you are some tools that you can use to ask yourself whether YOU are indeed on the path to creating your life and staring in your own movie!..

1. Are you regularly creating space in your life to connect DIRECTLY with your inner self?

2. Are you regularly feeling the emotions that come up in your body and listening to what they are trying to tell you?

3. When you feel those emotions are you able to step back and WITNESS what the child within is trying to say?

4. Are you coming into more emotional balance? Not reacting in anger or falling into self pity? A Conscious Creator knows that poor emotional balance leads to lots of unwanted manifestations!

5. Are you aligning yourself with those who you can learn from? Watching videos, reading conscious content, listening to spiritually attuned podcasts and especially seeking out those who can guide you personally?

6. Are you regularly questioning your thoughts and beliefs about yourself? Remember, Consciousness is in the Question! (the caveat here is that they have to be empowering or factual questions...not ones that answer "what is wrong with me!" ;)

7. Are you surrounding yourself with conscious TRIBE! A conscious creator KNOWS that everyone is influenced by who they hand around and they DISCERN accordingly!

8. Are you noticing patterns in your life? A Conscious Creator understands that whatever Soul wants them to heal or where Soul wants them to up-level there WILL be signs in their outer world.

9. Are you ready to speak your TRUTH? Conscious Creators understand that the only way they can fully align is to learn to speak their truth with authority and compassion!

10. Are you setting intentions? Intention to discover the true you being the biggest one!

Learning to become a Conscious Creator of your world is the hardest and most gratifying work you will ever do!

You may question yourself, you may even run from self...but so long as you stay focused and true, your Soul Self will be revealed to you.

If you need some Conscious Tribe to join you on your journey please join us here

I look forward to having more of you Conscious Creators with us...and if you don't think you are quite there yet then it's the PERFECT place for you! Because, let's face it...EVERYONE WAS ASLEEP SOMETIME!

So get your Consciously awakening ass over there...



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Saturday, 23 June 2018

The Truth Will Out...

This week we've been looking at conscious relationships in my Soul Circle and I've been sharing alot in Facebook in particular about the steps to becoming more conscious of the love that you choose.

I'd like to say that I learnt these steps easily but in reality I learnt through going through ALOT of pain and facing my deepest fears over and over again.

I choose poorly. I chose from a heart that desperately wanted to be met and a self that desperately wanted to be seen. I clung to a vision of a future that was never going to happen because I hung onto words instead of looking at actions.

I share this with you because I'm not the only one!


I know there are those of you out there who are, right now, doing exactly the same.

I know how scared you are and how alone you feel at times. I know how you want it to work and how much you have fought for it and battled within yourself for some kind of clarity or for
at the very least, you have begged the Universe to take the feeling away. The feeling of love you have for someone who simply cannot love you in the same way.

So I want to share with you some things that I learned during this time that may help you to reflect on whether or not you are living Consciously in love or living Unconsciously in wounds because the only thing that truly helped me to zap my power back into my body instead of giving it away was to really OWN my side of the story.

1. I had to be SUPER self reflective! - I had to really take a deep deep look into my subconscious and ask myself, even though I was super conscious in other areas of my life, why was
my love life showing up in this way? Why was I hooked? Why couldn't I let go? Why did I allow such emotional abuse in my life? What did I believe about myself that would allow this?

The answers that came up weren't always pretty ;) but they were very healing because TRUTH has a power all of it's own that cleans and clears the way back to self.


Truth has a frequency that our human version of Romantic Love cannot match and Truth became my saviour.

As I'm always saying "Consciousness is in the question" meaning that when you
choose to become aware you start to ask better questions and those deeper questions can only ever lead to the truth.

2. I called out to the Universe - In the midst of deep pain I asked to be shown all of the ways of un-love that I allowed into my world and I asked to be shown the truth. I no longer wanted
to let love blind me or fear block me. I'd had enough of my own bullshit!

I begged to wake up and to never go back to sleep again. And so she delivered. I was shown many truths I'd previously denied within myself and more situations occurred where I had to witness the falsehood that I'd been living in.

Many people came to me with information I perhaps wouldn't have been open to
previously. When you will always be shown.

3. I stepped up - I realised my inner child was at play many times I felt stuck. I realised that I was ignoring her and had been ignoring loving me for the sake of loving another. I ignored myself
for the sake of the relationship. That sounds hillarious as I type because you can see how deliberately unconscious I was making myself for the sake of "love". And so I had to parent myself.

I had already cultivated a Soul Voice. For those who don't know what that is, it's a voice within you that is deeply compassionate and knowing. An archetypal Parent within so to speak.
She spoke to me gently and with empathy but also with force when I needed. It's just before, though I heard that voice within, somewhere inside I was like a child hiding in a cupboard afraid of what might be lurking outside.

I had to realise that I had nothing to be afraid of anymore and that it was ok to fully be me again. The child within had to make a choice to trust me and since I'd made poor choices it's not wonder that
needed some work and time to embody.

4. I was tested - The Universe delivered and now I had to stand for myself no matter what. I don't mean I had to go out and shout to the work about my emotionally abusive relationship like
that would heal me.

I now was asked to stand for who I truly am and to do the work that I'd been called to do for years but had been thwarted by a relationship that blocked me. I was given other chances to show the powers that be that I was ready and that I wasn't going to be side tracked anymore.

No more being a side-line in someone else's life. Instead I was going to be fully present in mine.

The relief was and still is indescribable. I feel that only those who have been through some kind of abusive relationship where you can't do anything right will truly know how that feels!

5. I had to burst the bubble - A friend of mine told me once he watched a live stream of mine and funnily, or synchronistically, it was the first one where I'd ever mentioned something that physically
happened to me in that relationship.

My friend felt that it showed I was still attached somehow to that story. I I've said...self reflective so at first I felt a bit of anxiety around that.

Was I indeed still linked to that shit? But as quickly as I asked the question my Soul said no, it's not attachment it's honouring.

You see, whatever happens to us we MUST honour or we will have a repeat of the situation and I knew that my honouring was to share with others my story so that it may help them. Now that said, I hadn't yet fully come out and said most of what I needed to fact, I am only just doing so...not to upset anyone else but to help heal those who aren't yet aware or strong enough to step up for themselves. you can see...speaking your truth is a journey and learning to speak it consciously is an up-levelling but I share this with you because I KNOW that when you do you will feel your power and your SOUL line up within, behind and around you in support!

The truth will ALWAYS come out... I truly believe be determined not to hide and not to shy away from any lies that lay within you. Any untruths you believe about yourself. Any way you diminish your beauty and any love that is less than you truly deserve as a Conscious King or Queen.

Be the light to the world that you deserve to be and do your inner work. Then and only then are you ready for Conscious Love because you love yourself so completely that no toxic version will do!


If you need any help with Conscious love or connecting to your truth please get in touch with me. It's my mission to help others step into their Soul and reconnect to the lost parts of themselves!

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Saturday, 16 June 2018

When You Shouldn't Trust Your Heart!

I have something to share with you that I hope you remember as you walk hand in hand into your relationships!

The Heart Is Ever Hopeful


The heart always wants to be in love. It always craves connection because the heart know that connection to another at the super vulnerable level of LOVE has the power to heal...even if your head decides you've had enough of heart break...your heart has a love switch that takes alot to turn off.

The thing is...LOVE only has the power to heal in very specific circumstances.

1. You need to be ready to be vulnerable

2. You need to have done your inner work when single, so that you KNOW yourself so well there is no doubt as to when your triggers are going off...cause let's face it, in relationship they will! AND

3. You need to choose a partner that is conscious enough to meet you in CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP...because let's face it, anything else is soooo not worth your beautiful Soul's time and effort.

Sure, there are some other things to check such as "Do you both want the same things out of life?" or "Do they want children?" or "Do they have any beliefs that don't gel with yours?" because most of us FORGET to check in with ourselves when we are attracted to someone.

The feelings quickly take over and the heart can become quickly hooked if we don't do our homework!

And so...this is partly why we shouldn't always trust our heart because our heart is so hopeful that it launches it's love attack on our bodies very easily and infiltrates our brain with images of future's that may not come to pass!

Now, I'm not trying to get you to dismiss your heart either. You see, we NEED a marriage of heart, soul and mind when it comes to love.

Your head can quickly dismiss people who may be perfect for you!

Your heart can latch onto people who are truly BAD for you and who may hold you back from you reaching your highest purpose.

Your SOUL however, knows if a person is ultimately right for you!

You need all three to be ALIGNED and to then keep a watchful eye for signs of subconscious attraction coming into play.
You see, it's not just the heart that's involved here!

Our subconscious selves, highly programmed in childhood, come out to play when dating and in our relationships. We are attracted to people not just because of how they look or how funny they are or how cool they appear to be. We are also attracted to them somewhat unfortunately, based on our match of inner WOUNDS!

This is where we need to look at our ENERGETIC FREQUENCY! What are we putting out there? Even when we say we want one thing, why do we end up with another!?

Take these inner wounds for example. They may manifest themselves differently, but many times they are there in our choice of partner all the same. And so it's best as a CONSCIOUS CREATOR of love to be a SEEKER OF TRUTH inside and out when it comes to matters of the heart.

You see your first TRUE LOVE is that of yourself. We believe as children this is our parents and in many ways this can be the case...but your Parents love was perhaps conditional based on their beliefs about who you should be and show up as...and so our first TRUE LOVE is truly US because we are the ONLY ones who can love ourselves FULLY into the powerful Conscious Creators we are meant to be!...more on that another day...but you can see how important it is to literally FALL IN LOVE with OURSELVES, because then we will NEVER accept a love that is less than our own love!

I've just delivered you a golden key!

Though you may be left wondering what I'm going on about! The truth is, without you recovering all the lost parts of yourself,...things you have dismissed and diminished...and without you really KNOWING yourself, you are at a deficit when you step into relationship.

You know that old saying of "my other half" or that even more abhorrent one "You complete me!"...this is what happens when we are attracted to those people who have matching wounds (WOUND MATES disguised as SOUL MATES) OR we are attracted to those who have the elements of ourselves that we have not yet reintegrated or owned!

Instead of feeling like a whole person stepping into relationship with another whole person, many times we suddenly feel so at home because the other person emodies the very thing(s) we are being asked by Soul to own and instead of doing that work, we bring someone into our experience who has "done it for us".

I'll be speaking more on this topic and talking all things relationship this week on Facebook so make sure you join my Soul Circle to get the inside scoop on becoming more Conscious in your Relationships!

Back to the heart and why, at times, it can be misleading...

When the heart leads without our awareness (head in sync) and Soul (Soul intuition switched on guiding you with prompts of yes and no)...then the heart can and WILL lead you down the merry path of "True Love" time after time after time.

We've all lived this...those relationships we thought were fruitful that we found left us with crumbs!

You, as a Conscious Lover KNOW that you deserve more and so I encourage you to look deep within and ask yourself what you truly desire. Find out what you truly NEED. Uncover your wounds around men or women (look at your parents first for any woundings around male or female) and look at your conditioning (the beliefs you have about yourself and love in particular in this case!) and what you need to embody before stepping into love.

I'm NOT saying that you have to be perfect! Not AT ALL...but you do have to be AWARE because awareness breeds consciousness and when you do the work you have way MORE of a chance of delivering to yourself a love that is lasting rather than a love that causes you the heart break we all fear.

Sure...heartbreak is still gonna happen sometimes because we are human and no one is perfect and makes perfect choices AND sometimes we need to learn who is wrong for us before we KNOW WHO'S RIGHT!

I look forward to connecting with you Conscious Lovers more this week!




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Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Paradigm of Encouragement - Our Future Model?

I wanted to write to you this week about the up-leveling that we are heading towards in our realms of understanding about the power of words along with the power of intention.

Many are coming to understand that WORDS hold power and that our INTENTION is the key to manifestation of our highest potential.

For those who understand this, you will understand where we are going...for those who are yet to fully grasp this...let me explain...

We were born and bred into a society that saw PUNISHMENT as the perfect "control" system. This system was used in school (think belts and rulers), at home (think "go to your room" or the "naughty step") and unfortunately, we still see this way of being used in the workplace and in our government systems.

All we have to do is to look at the rabble that happens in politics to witness the old paradigm of Punishment.

I believe this system started from the INTENT of CONTROL and POWER. You know...where one King decided a land should be his and thus sent his army out to take it and here we created WAR...the reflection of the battle inside that EGO wages!

The belief that OWNERSHIP meant more POWER and RICHES had man do this for millenia...infact...that in itself, still exists. The INTENT for power covers the belief of FINITE RESOURCES & ultimately LACK which EGO thrives in.

However, there is another paradigm that is appearing all be it more slowly.

This is the paradigm of ENCOURAGEMENT!

Slowly we are staring to understand that PUNISHMENT leads only to pain and people who then lose their power and that by being the perpetrator we ALSO lose power...this is the JOKE that EGO knows and plays.

We are now starting to see many experiments now after Dr Emoto's discoveries of crystals in water and how they were affected my positive and negative language spoken to the water. This didn't matter what language was spoken because it is about the POWER of words and therefore the POWER OF INTENTION.

When a negative word was spoken the crystal was malformed. When a positive word was spoken the crystal was clear and beautifully formed.

Recent experiments have used boiled white rice in clean glass jars where the negative jar turns mouldy whilst the positive jar remains white and clear of disease.

Another recent experiment done in a school shows the children speaking to a plant negatively whilst another is given loving thoughts and words. The plant who is bullied starts to die whilst the plant who is ENCOURAGED thrives!

You see where I am going with this right?...

The old paradigm of PUNISHMENT has hurt and damaged us. It's why there's a need for the work that I do...because someone has to unravel the sh*t storm of negativity that the entity of EGO has caused.

Many of us are so layered with LACK, CONTROL & FEAR that have simply become part of our personalities that we don't even know we have been CONDITIONED away from our true and loving SOUL SELVES!

But whether Ego likes it or not...The paradigm of ENCOURAGEMENT is coming!

The time is coming where we are recognising that hitting our children and screaming at them only brings more hate and disconnection. Where we see that despising one another only leads to more  pain and Ego control within ourselves. A time where we witness that ENCOURAGING one another not only aids the person we speak to but it floods us with MORE of our TRUE POWER because we are then directly connected to our SOUL!!!

I am reminded of Monsters Inc University. In this movie we witness how the Monsters go from believing that the only way to get the energy they need is to put fear into the hearts of little children. It takes some time, but they eventually realise, through developing an unwavering and unfearful connection (you see why I love inner child work ;) who just wants to LOVE them, that her LOVE and LAUGHTER creates more energy than anything PUNISHMENT ever did!!!

Here in our 3D world we are starting to encourage our children more to be true to themselves and not just follow the system.

We are learning to be more conscious about the words that we speak within, so without!

We are learning to remove negativity from our daily lives by not watching the news and instead filling our minds with Super Soul Sunday.

We are learning to heal, and grow and uncover and discover and leave the 9-5 to travel the world.

To grow spiritual businesses and to BELIEVE that anything is possible for us so long as we are aligned with our SOUL.

And so....I want to encourage you to stand up to your own EGO because in truth, we can only take the leap into an ENCOURAGEMENT paradigm with as many people who believe in this way of being more than the ones who love outer POWER and CONTROL.

The thing is, those people don't understand that this is not TRUE POWER and believe me when I say that their version of power always crumbles eventually.

The only TRUE power is SOUL ALIGNED and SOUL LED and your Soul will never say anything about you that is "bad". It will always encourage you to grow and shine and whilst it may give you a Universal butt kick sometimes, that's only because WE AREN'T LISTENING to our Soul's guidance and so to stop us from going too far down a path that is less becoming than Soul knows we are capable of, Soul will eventually guide us back on course.

So ask yourself, what am I doing today that will lead me into the Paradigm of ENCOURAGEMENT!?

Because we need's going to take many of us to create this wave and transform our planet and we may not see it fully realised in our life time yet but we need to start for our future...for our children's future....for humanities future.

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Friday, 18 May 2018

Law Of Attraction In Action!

I wanted to share with you some law of attraction busting tips with you and then thought I'd make it sound more positive LOL! Because there IS and ARE ways of tapping into and using Law Of Attraction, HOWEVER, THIS is the type of picture describing Law Of Attraction that get's my Capricorn Goat all in a tiz!

So I decided that I'm going to myth BUST and also share with you some of the ways you can get Law Of Attraction on your side.

Myth Busting 1:

You are NOT going to bring your desires to your door gift wrapped with a note saying "Sent from the Universe". It just doesn't work like that! And the Universe certainly ain't delivering it to you sat in your bedroom whilst you pray for it ;)

To align with your dreams and desires there are a few things that need to be in place first like:

1. Are you negatively charged?...meaning, do you think sh*t about yourself? Do you speak to yourself with kindness? Do you BELIEVE you can and you will and are you TAKING ACTIONABLE STEPS towards your desires?

The Universe can (and will) only meet you where you are willing to meet it!

It's not going to put you in baby reigns and do it for you and it certainly isn't going to show up at your door with the aformentioned gift wrapped parcel with glitter and dreams just waiting to shower you with Universal offerings. YOU..yes YOU..have to be willing to do some of the work.

Myth Busting 2:

The Law Of Attraction works by simply putting your focus on your desires and if you believe enough they will manifest...Um...


Apart from the action taking required that I just spoke of, you are going to need to CHECK yourself.
If you are trying to win the lottery, or meet that perfect man or woman, or become a size 0 the chances are you are trying to use the Law Of Attraction to fill in huge GAPING GAPS!

The Gaps are where your beliefs about yourself and your subconscious are playing in the GAME of Manifestation. 

Yup...the GAME...they are not serious AT ALL about bringing you into alignment with the money, or the partner, or the body...because your beliefs are clutching onto the false mantra that it's all about BELIEF and you then miss doing the INNER WORK here my love!

Our Subconscious Programming is running the show when it comes to what we truly believe is FOR us or what we are CAPABLE of achieving. If you don't do the inner work of reconnecting to your inner child, healing the Ego and cultivating a Soul Voice then you are doing yourself a HUGE dis-service and it's likely that whilst you may be able to manifest a discounted concert ticket or a free meal perhaps, you aren't likely to be able to manifest the BIGGER stuff or you may manifest what appears to be the BIG stuff but it then becomes a bit like the Wizard of Oz. You know, that bit when the Wizards suddenly outed for being a fraud!

So do your inner clearing and healing work before you set your sights on MR or MRS Made For You because you may very well need to manifest them a ticket back to OZ when the mask crumbles!

Myth Busting 3:

You just need to stay HIGH VIBES and your Law Of Attraction skills are syncing with the Universal

We are HUMAN BEINGS and have a range of emotions that need to be honoured. 

We need to listen to these parts of ourselves and get REALLY CLEAR on who is communicating with us from within.

Whether it's our Inner Child needing our attention or our Ego trying to stop us from growing into our NEXT LEVEL SELF, we need to know who's IN THERE before we can truly manifest and if we try to feign POSITIVITY on top of unhealed aspects of us we are actually doing more harm than good!

Don't dismiss yourself. Law Of Attraction doesn't work by fake it until you make it! You have to FEEL IT TO ALIGN WITH IT!

Which brings me to the last myth...

Myth Busting 4:

Law Of Attraction will give you ANYTHING you want...(they missed a bit)... long as you are in ALIGNMENT!

You MUST not only FEEL like you are going to manifest it...because, as I said may have enough free will energy that you align with it on one level but on another it's the Universes way of delivering what you REALLY need ;)

So you are delivered a situation that shows you what you are needing to heal instead of what you really want. You are shown the ways you are willing to be treated instead of that true love. The ways you are willing to diminish yourself instead of that flourishing career. The ways you are willing to listen to your Ego rather than do the inner work to heal.

When you use Law Of Attraction to fill up the parts of you that you haven't healed yet, The Universe will send you back what you NEED as a wake up call. 

It's tell you, you aren't aligned yet AND it's also communicating that you haven't fully aligned with your Soul!

You see, your Soul may not want you to meet that partner yet because Soul knows you have another couple of pieces of yourself to see and honour first. If you push it then you will be met with Mr or Mrs OZ..and you will be asked to SEE what parts of you need attending to.

Your Soul is always asking you to ALIGN with it. To come into a full knowing of self and to RISE up to a higher version and less conditioned version of you.

NOW THIS is the place where you want to manifest from! This is when you are TRULY HIGH VIBES because you are FULLY IN YOUR POWER!

You know what you really NEED as apposed to what you WANT and you WANT what your SOUL wants for you ;)

Law of Attraction in Alignment with SOUL is Exponential. Now with Soul's view of who you really are and who you are becoming and which area of life you want to channel your energies into...THAT is a person who is in sync with Law Of Attraction at it's best!!!

Law Of Attraction does exist but please use with with the very BEST of intentions.

Heal your inner child, clear your conditioned mind and align with your Soul Voice and THEN now aligned with your FULL POWER call in what is DESERVEDLY and RIGHTFULLY yours!



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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Can You Intuition Ever Be Wrong?

Intuition...the Soul's nudge or the Fool's gold?

It's a tough question and one I experienced on both sides of the coin!

There are a few things that happen whilst we try to follow our gut instinct and so I'm going to try and explain how I see this "glitch" in the easiest way goes ;)


In this scenario you are tuned into the bigger picture; your higher self; someone elses issues; clear of limited thinking; clear of any conditioning...etc etc etc and you are simply feeling the guidance and TRUSTING it no matter whether it makes sense to your mind or not!

The percentage of people who are able to be like this even some of the time I think right now is limited BUT there are more who are becoming aware of some kind of internal guidance system. They perhaps just don't know how to use it yet.

This is where we are aiming to get to. A clear "knowing" with a direct gut response that gives us clear guidance on something that perhaps our mind would dismiss!

You are able to find the balance of "good" and "bad" and eventually if you hone this skill you will be able to trust either of these as gifts because you will be able to see how each intuitive experience was guiding you towards you highest good at all times!


Sometimes we can believe that we are picking up on an intuitive signal when actually we are slightly off centre. Our guts are super sensitive and if our THINKING is off...perhaps due to limiting beliefs about the self or old programming from our past then we can become focused on perhaps the "negative" side of intuition.

This is where we are so programmed to focus on only CERTAIN types of energies that we perhaps only intuit "negative" things and over time start to develop fear around our intuitive guidance!


Unfortunately, our Solar plexus...the home of our intuition...our emotional brain...can become clogged. If we have been in fearful circumstances (perhaps when young) we can start to clog our gut with a black cloud of doubt.

We doubt it's guidance because Fear speaks first. Fear has direct access to our brain and, for most of us, we have a fear voice that tells us that we "aren't good enough" or we are "too much" and perhaps we also have done lots of tuning into fear (as explained above) that we simply have trained our gut to pick up on "problems".

Fear thwarts our true connection to self and so someone who has trouble having any kind of intuitive guidance can have issues with fear blocking this essential life giving power centre.


We are mostly trained out of recognising our body wisdom. We learn to sit still and focus on learning outside of ourselves and so we start to lose that intuitive wisdom that our body naturally holds over time.

We become very brain trained and most of that focus is on left brain activities where our artistic self, which way more connected to our bodies that our left brain self, isn't as developed perhaps.

Living a head-led life will stop intuitive guidance before it ever really truly begins because we aren't even aware that our bodies are speaking to us. From this place we NEED to reconnect to our bodies through meditation, movement such as dance, cleaning up our diets and re-learning about the feelings that we naturally HAD that are now coming back online!


Sometimes our personal will gets in the way. We can long for something SOOOO much or we can be afraid of losing something perhaps or be determined that we are going in a certain direction and thus we miss all of our intuitive guidance because our WILL is leading the way.

Whilst determination can be an amazing trait our FREE WILL isn't always so great because it can decide, against Soul's guidance, which path it is taking and ignore the signs happening all around that tell us we are going against the Universe's best advice.

It's tricky because Source will never make you choose your Soul...but it will keep sending red flags or white flags along your path so that you have the CHOICE of which path to take.

If you are a person who's personal will is pretty plucky ;) then my advice to you would be to learn to pull back a little and question what the best path is. Even if your intuition doesn't creep back "online" straight away, the questioning will help you to start to discern which are the next steps in alignment with your Soul's guidance.


Soul does this sneaky thing where you can be guided by your intuition and be on point but the guidance may be to keep going in a certain way UNTIL you learn something about yourself or a situation that you wouldn't have been able to or gotten so quickly to had you not had the guidance.

For example, you may have stayed in a relationship just that bit too long and the guidance may have been to leave, but you wouldn't have learned as quickly about how spot on your inner guidance was without the relationship testing you...and yes...that one happened to me.

In truth it's happened a few times in different situations. It's less than the knowings that are "correct" but there are times when intuition is meant to lead you to an apparent DEAD END simply because Soul is trying to teach you to let go, to clear a belief, to have you be somewhere else, to have you become the true you, to heal you ...the list goes on and on and on :)


Your intuition can only really take you off track if you are disconnected in some of the ways above. You will start to KNOW you are online and connected when you start to TRUST the guidance more.

The only way I knew for sure that my intuition was ramping up was that the feeling was getting BIGGER each time and the more the guidance was confirmed that then activated a stronger KNOWING that I couldn't deny.

So the advancement of internal guidance is really determined by how much you are willing to HONE this amazing skill that most humans have forgotten!

For number 6....there is no way to avoid this if you truly want to be Soul led and the truth is whatever Soul is leading you towards is a darn sight more useful than whatever we TRY to lead ourselves to.



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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Self Protection as Self Rejection

In looking for an image that explains today's strangely named topic I came across this image. It speaks volumes to me of the prison that many times we are left in unaware of our jailer and more importantly, our own significance and power!

There are many times where Ego surfaces in our life to protect us. Ego's job, in part, is to protect us...if it has developed into a good, just, compassionate and caring parent within.

The problem is that, instead of being helped by our Ego, we are conditioned by it and our Ego has also rarely developed in full because it has been layered up with the beliefs and ideals of our Parents and beyond even them, down the family line.

But let's get back to self protection...

Self protection via the Ego is the kind that usually doesn't take risks. Ego, in this case, likes you just where you are thanks...even if it doensn't like you quite AS you are...but that's another story ;)

Ego will do it's best to hold you back from your truth if your truth looks scary; like a lot of hard work; like it's too risky; like you might get hurt; like you might fail; like you might be rejected etc etc AND ultimately like you might die. Ego is very afraid of death. Not particularly your actual death..but the fear of it's OWN self dying off and you waking up is very real to Ego and thus it will do whatever it can to stop that from happening.

So from here we can see that Ego believes that it is not only protecting is protecting itself and it's HOST. The host being YOU. 

Again, back to self protection ;)

Ego uses Self Protection as a way to hold you back but also it feeds a much deeper darker secret. Ego is using FEAR under the guise of self protection to also make you REJECT parts of yourself.

I'm always saying that Shadow holds many golden nuggets and this is because Ego aims to hide these gifts and talents and POWER in a place where you will never go looking!

Think about it!

It's the perfect place right? Hide your own gifts and amazingness from you in your own SELF REJECTION and you will most likely never find them. 

Let me give you an example:

You are trained by your Parent's Ego that your sensitivity is "weakness". You learn that crying is NOT ok and you are unloveable in this state. You learn to hide your "weakness" and to put on a face that means even though you are bubbling inside, no one on the outside can see it.

Over time you adapt and become "stronger". You now see your impenetrability as a strength. The only emotion you allow is anger because you learned from your parents that this was  allowed and so now other emotions, such as grief, anxiety or saddness are displayed in much the same way. Anger outbursts of emotion.

Your Ego's defence system is now on lock down. You inner child imprisoned within it's confines. The jailer is the Ego (and Ego of mum & dad or other caregivers) and the true you within it's prison.

The jailer goads you with REJECTION of the parts of you that are actually key talents and skills you have to use for your and others greater good in this lifetime. 

Your inner jailer sounds like this...whenever you feel like crying, you berate yourself for being weak. Whenever your emotions are set to burst you project all over others for fear of being found out of being weak and afraid. Whenever your children cry you tell them "we don't do this"...and so the cycle repeats down the generations!

This is just one example but it's one that I'm sure you can see, has affected MANY people down the line. Men in particular...though there are generations of women who have been taught the same.

This is how Ego uses Self Protection as a way to diminish and REJECT the TRUE YOU and uses the lie of "you aren't worthy", "your too much", "you're weak", "you are ugly", "you aren't as good as", "you can't do it", "you're not capable", "you're a failure", "you'll never make it", "you'll never have it" which are all lines that prove that "you are ultimately un-loveable!"

Now you may be asking is there a way out of this?

The answer is a "HEAVEN YES" ;)

We have all been given FREE WILL. Now free will is talked about mostly negatively because Soul and Spirit can't make you wake up and most WILL chooses to stay asleep and believe the lie.

But here I want to introduce FREE WILL as a positive force.

Having free will means you have the ability to rise above Ego's conditioning and to escape the prison walls that hold you back. Let's face it, you can't be blamed, you were given the prison as a gift from a young age. You didn't know then that the only person holding the key that opens the door is YOU!

You believed what you were told about yourself. This lie became your own voice. It's hard to catch a voice that isn't yours when it sounds very much like you ;)

The key to unlocking you from this place is to cultivate a voice that diminishes the Egoic voice within. 

You must retrain your mind to be your friend and reconnect to your body wisdom. The mind has become our cage over time and we have forgotten to connect with our hearts and to intuit with our guts. We aren't taught this language anymore but we MUST reclaim it!

Meditate; do Yoga; find tribe who connect with you on a higher level; fill your mind with Soul led books rather than watching the news; learn about your inner child and find out who you came into this life as; recollect the teachings of your parents and understand that there is a voice within that was never yours to begin with; clear yourself of any false beliefs and most importantly


Because consciousness always resides in the question. "Is that really true"; "Maybe something else is going on here what could that be?"; "Maybe it's not about me"; "What if I were capable"; etc etc

Ask yourself from a POSITIVELY charged mindset and cultivate this voice for your Soul voice will NEVER say anything bad about you. It's here to guide you to your GREATNESS and surely we all need a little bit more of that in our lives!


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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Inner Child Reconnection

Your inner child is an extremely important part of you. In the work that I do, he or she is a pivotal piece of the puzzle in understanding your psyche.

Connecting to your inner child can give you the validation and healing you need to finally move past those inner blocks that have been holding you back in life. Let me explain why...

In the beginning, when we enter the earth, we begin as the Wonder Child.

Sure we have some imprints already perhaps via the DNA of our lineage but primarily, we start life in an unconditioned state.

As life progresses, we learn that our Caregivers have personalities, likes and dislikes and ways of speaking to us that are kind and caring and also disciplinarian.

We learn that WE have personalities also. We like and dislike things. Some types of music make us dance and songs make us sing. Some types of foods we think taste yucky and others we can't wait to try again.

But most of all we learn in our early years what makes us lovable and unlovable. 

Perhaps we learn as a shy child that we are forced into situations that make us uncomfortable. With no allowance of the fear you feel, no one to express it to and no way to release it from your mind and body you grow up experiencing panic attacks. For the most part you are ok but from time to time these attacks come back throughout your adult life.

Perhaps you were an artistic child who loves to paint and draw. After a time your parents decided this was not the academic standard and forced you into long hours of working on subjects that will take you far in life. You learn that your creativity is childish and that adulting does not include such fanciful things. This part of your natural self is now lost to the past.

Perhaps your Mother or Father like quiet children while you loved to bang pots with sticks and sing at the top of your lungs. You eventually learn that being a loud child means to be punished for it and so you adapt and try your hardest to become quiet around authority. Later in life you find it hard to speak up for yourself at work and are over looked many times over whenever there is a promotion.

These are just a few examples of how our wonder child becomes our wounded inner child. I hope from these examples you can see how easily we lose parts of ourselves and that we usually forget to go back and retrieve them.

You see, we don't realise we have lost anything...but we do feel loss...we usually just don't have words for it.

It's a feeling that we are somehow unseen. Perhaps we blame our Parents in some way for not being able to be our true selves...but for the most part, it's a feeling of not quite fitting in our own skin.

When I work with a client on their inner child, many times the child and personality of the adult have never conversed previously. The inner child can sometimes be afraid. Left alone for so long, fear has crept in. The work we do here is to reconnect inner child (lost pieces of the self and old wounds that have been waiting for healing) to our adult personality. Sometimes this reconnection happens in an instant and at other times it takes a few times before the inner child in the psyche is prepared to converse with the adult personality.

Very occasionally an inner child will refuse to reconnect and this is usually because there has been some bigger trauma along the line that has caused excess fear to take over and separate the inner child. In these cases there can be a dislike of children for example or a greater fear of being reconnected because the personality only knows themselves as they are now and are perhaps unwilling to integrate with their inner child due to the perceived "loss" of their "now" personality.

The truth is that when we finally accept and listen to our inner child and reconnect with love and acceptance, we become MORE of what we naturally are. More of our true self. More of our true nature AND we activate MORE of the talents and gifts that ONLY WE have in our unique and special way!

Whenever I meet anyone who is feeling like they can't move forward in life, who is stuck and afraid, or perhaps just on a plateau of existence and not thriving, I always encourage them to connect to their inner child first. To find out what they are missing from this lost part of self and bring more of them into their life before they try to do anything else.

Your inner child is in pain and needs your attention and love. Once acknowledged and received your wonder child will be released and reintegrated and you WILL feel more of the true you everyday.

Your inner child healing is your emotional and spiritual foundation and your power only really fully switch on when he or she is taken care of.

I will be speaking more on the other levels in the psyche that need your attention so make sure to stay tuned but for now this is the place where your Soul Reconnection begins!



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