Saturday, 12 May 2018

Can You Intuition Ever Be Wrong?

Intuition...the Soul's nudge or the Fool's gold?

It's a tough question and one I experienced on both sides of the coin!

There are a few things that happen whilst we try to follow our gut instinct and so I'm going to try and explain how I see this "glitch" in the easiest way goes ;)


In this scenario you are tuned into the bigger picture; your higher self; someone elses issues; clear of limited thinking; clear of any conditioning...etc etc etc and you are simply feeling the guidance and TRUSTING it no matter whether it makes sense to your mind or not!

The percentage of people who are able to be like this even some of the time I think right now is limited BUT there are more who are becoming aware of some kind of internal guidance system. They perhaps just don't know how to use it yet.

This is where we are aiming to get to. A clear "knowing" with a direct gut response that gives us clear guidance on something that perhaps our mind would dismiss!

You are able to find the balance of "good" and "bad" and eventually if you hone this skill you will be able to trust either of these as gifts because you will be able to see how each intuitive experience was guiding you towards you highest good at all times!


Sometimes we can believe that we are picking up on an intuitive signal when actually we are slightly off centre. Our guts are super sensitive and if our THINKING is off...perhaps due to limiting beliefs about the self or old programming from our past then we can become focused on perhaps the "negative" side of intuition.

This is where we are so programmed to focus on only CERTAIN types of energies that we perhaps only intuit "negative" things and over time start to develop fear around our intuitive guidance!


Unfortunately, our Solar plexus...the home of our intuition...our emotional brain...can become clogged. If we have been in fearful circumstances (perhaps when young) we can start to clog our gut with a black cloud of doubt.

We doubt it's guidance because Fear speaks first. Fear has direct access to our brain and, for most of us, we have a fear voice that tells us that we "aren't good enough" or we are "too much" and perhaps we also have done lots of tuning into fear (as explained above) that we simply have trained our gut to pick up on "problems".

Fear thwarts our true connection to self and so someone who has trouble having any kind of intuitive guidance can have issues with fear blocking this essential life giving power centre.


We are mostly trained out of recognising our body wisdom. We learn to sit still and focus on learning outside of ourselves and so we start to lose that intuitive wisdom that our body naturally holds over time.

We become very brain trained and most of that focus is on left brain activities where our artistic self, which way more connected to our bodies that our left brain self, isn't as developed perhaps.

Living a head-led life will stop intuitive guidance before it ever really truly begins because we aren't even aware that our bodies are speaking to us. From this place we NEED to reconnect to our bodies through meditation, movement such as dance, cleaning up our diets and re-learning about the feelings that we naturally HAD that are now coming back online!


Sometimes our personal will gets in the way. We can long for something SOOOO much or we can be afraid of losing something perhaps or be determined that we are going in a certain direction and thus we miss all of our intuitive guidance because our WILL is leading the way.

Whilst determination can be an amazing trait our FREE WILL isn't always so great because it can decide, against Soul's guidance, which path it is taking and ignore the signs happening all around that tell us we are going against the Universe's best advice.

It's tricky because Source will never make you choose your Soul...but it will keep sending red flags or white flags along your path so that you have the CHOICE of which path to take.

If you are a person who's personal will is pretty plucky ;) then my advice to you would be to learn to pull back a little and question what the best path is. Even if your intuition doesn't creep back "online" straight away, the questioning will help you to start to discern which are the next steps in alignment with your Soul's guidance.


Soul does this sneaky thing where you can be guided by your intuition and be on point but the guidance may be to keep going in a certain way UNTIL you learn something about yourself or a situation that you wouldn't have been able to or gotten so quickly to had you not had the guidance.

For example, you may have stayed in a relationship just that bit too long and the guidance may have been to leave, but you wouldn't have learned as quickly about how spot on your inner guidance was without the relationship testing you...and yes...that one happened to me.

In truth it's happened a few times in different situations. It's less than the knowings that are "correct" but there are times when intuition is meant to lead you to an apparent DEAD END simply because Soul is trying to teach you to let go, to clear a belief, to have you be somewhere else, to have you become the true you, to heal you ...the list goes on and on and on :)


Your intuition can only really take you off track if you are disconnected in some of the ways above. You will start to KNOW you are online and connected when you start to TRUST the guidance more.

The only way I knew for sure that my intuition was ramping up was that the feeling was getting BIGGER each time and the more the guidance was confirmed that then activated a stronger KNOWING that I couldn't deny.

So the advancement of internal guidance is really determined by how much you are willing to HONE this amazing skill that most humans have forgotten!

For number 6....there is no way to avoid this if you truly want to be Soul led and the truth is whatever Soul is leading you towards is a darn sight more useful than whatever we TRY to lead ourselves to.



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