Saturday, 30 June 2018

Becoming A Conscious Creator!

What does it mean to become a Conscious Creator?

A Conscious Creator is someone who has learnt about themselves so deeply that they are now aware of their triggers, wounds and self limiting beliefs and have re-programmed themselves to bring themselves into alignment with their Soul!

A Conscious Creator understands that in order to create the reality they want to live in this lifetime that they MUST look within and focus with positive intent. Seeing themselves as their higher self and stepping forward, no matter what, towards that aim.

A Conscious Creator does not diminish emotions that arise within. He or She listens carefully to the fear behind the emotion and learns to speak to his or her inner child.  They understand that by gaining trust of their inner child they find the key to intuitive knowing with direction and purpose.

There is soooo much more I could stay about becoming a conscious creator but what I'd like to give you are some tools that you can use to ask yourself whether YOU are indeed on the path to creating your life and staring in your own movie!..

1. Are you regularly creating space in your life to connect DIRECTLY with your inner self?

2. Are you regularly feeling the emotions that come up in your body and listening to what they are trying to tell you?

3. When you feel those emotions are you able to step back and WITNESS what the child within is trying to say?

4. Are you coming into more emotional balance? Not reacting in anger or falling into self pity? A Conscious Creator knows that poor emotional balance leads to lots of unwanted manifestations!

5. Are you aligning yourself with those who you can learn from? Watching videos, reading conscious content, listening to spiritually attuned podcasts and especially seeking out those who can guide you personally?

6. Are you regularly questioning your thoughts and beliefs about yourself? Remember, Consciousness is in the Question! (the caveat here is that they have to be empowering or factual questions...not ones that answer "what is wrong with me!" ;)

7. Are you surrounding yourself with conscious TRIBE! A conscious creator KNOWS that everyone is influenced by who they hand around and they DISCERN accordingly!

8. Are you noticing patterns in your life? A Conscious Creator understands that whatever Soul wants them to heal or where Soul wants them to up-level there WILL be signs in their outer world.

9. Are you ready to speak your TRUTH? Conscious Creators understand that the only way they can fully align is to learn to speak their truth with authority and compassion!

10. Are you setting intentions? Intention to discover the true you being the biggest one!

Learning to become a Conscious Creator of your world is the hardest and most gratifying work you will ever do!

You may question yourself, you may even run from self...but so long as you stay focused and true, your Soul Self will be revealed to you.

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