Friday, 6 July 2018

The Fruitless Healer

The Fruitless Healer is the one who's healing abilities are no longer laying dormant, but because they do not know how exactly, or where to use their healing abilities, their talents and skills can start to feel like a curse.

Healers like this sadly find themselves endlessly inviting those who need healing into their inner circle, rather than using it where it's meant to serve!

Healers like this need to do some healing on themselves, but most late probably not fully aware of this.

The Fruitless Healer, you see, could be a beacon of hope for many. He or She COULD find a way to help others to heal without it becoming depleting or scary or full of drama but the Fruitless Healer tends to be a person who hasn't rooted themselves in their gift quite yet.

Perhaps they are afraid of the healing work they need to do within or perhaps they are afraid of being overwhelmed should they take on the challenge sent by Source!

A Healer can be born into the world but it takes their FREE WILL to choose and accept the healer's journey and this can be tough for a healer who feel's overwhelmed by their senses and of course, there is the responsibility for others that many find hard to take onboard. 

This is why many healers get stuck!

Healers get stuck in a loop where they find people coming to them, organically, for healing, even if they themselves have no clue yet that they are infact a Healer. 

The wounds of another have a way of seeking out those who would be a safe space to bathe them but regardless, the start of the Healer's Journey can be one of overwhelement and confusion for the most part. 

"Why on earth are people coming to me when I can't get my own life together" is a usual statement!


A Wounded Healer's stance remains like this for quite some time. Their gift becomes a curse that they do not see the joy in and the GOLD of their gifts remains dormant and hidden inside. 

The Fruitless Healer however kind of KNOWS that their mission is to be such a wonder in the world but they may not know exactly HOW this will manifest itself and so they wait it out or search in the wrong places while all the time they are most probably DOING the work that is is the healing work they do most naturally that they don't even consider it to be a THING!

This is a step up because they have said YES to some sort of gift but know not what their gift is in it's fullness and instead their healing starts to happen in the home, with their friends and with their family. 

You may be wondering what is wrong with this?


The problem for the FRUITLESS HEALER is that they will subconsciously invite into their love life wound mates rather than soul mates because they have 

1. forgotten to do their inner work 

2. haven't learned to set boundaries 

3. they usually have a sense of not quite fitting in so any love will do ;) 

Fruitless Healers are attracted to those healing needs more than a sticking plaster!

They want to dive into the deep and clear the hurts of this poor baby even if the baby is a grown man or woman...they feel so deeply the wounds of the unloved that they want to heal that out of them and so whether it be in intimate relationship or with family members who don't listen to you or care for your healing or friends who take and take and take and take...until you realise one day that the relationships are perhaps one sided...and then you wake up!

You wake up to your own un-love...

The real reason a Fruitless Healer is fruitless, meaning that they have not much to show for their amazing healing skills, is that they are trying to heal from a powerless place.

Healers must learn to set boundaries and you can only do this when you realise that YOU are the love of your life. That you must protect your energy not by shutting yourself off but by becoming a powerful parent to yourself so that you HAVE the energy to heal those who require it.

Fruitless Healers also need to learn to say NO to those who sap their energy and omit negativity. If you are a healer who has not yet reaped your harvest you MUST FIND YOUR TRIBE and SET STANDARDS that help you to DISCERN whether or not the people around you are truly good for you or not!

Fruitless Healers are only fruitless because they haven't yet honoured themselves and the skills they have. Said no to the healing happening in their inner world and yes to healthy boundaries. Said no to energy vampires and yes to uplifting tribe members. Said no to being afraid and yes to doing their inner work. 

I could go on but you get the jist. 

For you healers who are waking up to the realisation that your healing skills are manifesting in the WRONG PLACES!!! Pay attention....YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THAT ANYMORE!

Make a choice to DO YOU FIRST...heal and learn and set boundaries and choose wisely and eventually when you are standing BACK IN YOUR POWER you will wonder why you were ever so scared of owning your healing talents and you will heal on YOUR TERMS, no one else's!


If you need some help with setting healthy boundaries and up-leveling as a healer join us here in my Soul Circle now

I look forward to seeing you there! 


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