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Are You Living An Authentic Life?

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Are You Living An Authentic Life? 

Firstly, let’s cover what authentic living isn’t!

Living authentically doesn’t mean you must be happy all the time…but it will lead you to more happiness.  

It doesn’t mean you have discovered your reason for being here on this planet and know what you should be doing next to achieve your mission in life…but it will direct you to the right people, places and circumstances for you to discover your purpose.

It doesn’t mean you have to meditate daily to fine tune your authenticity meter…though it certainly will help you to hear your inner guidance by diminishing over thinking from any stresses in your life.

It doesn’t mean you have to give up your job and run off into the hills shouting “FREEDOM!”…though you certainly may wish to do that during moments of authentic living!

Living authentically doesn’t mean you are never going to have to go through the trials and tribulations that life brings…but it will help you to understand how to navigate those times with eloquence and style.

Authentic living won’t bring you the love of your life in a matter of moments…but it will eventually guide you to the one who will accept ALL of you for the wonderfully amazing being that you truly are!

It doesn’t mean you will continually feel “on track” and be instantly decisive 100% of the time. In fact, living authentically means there will be many times you will feel stuck and simply stop and wait until your authenticity button comes back “online”.

Living authentically isn’t easy! It’s not a holiday in the sun in Barbados…but it certainly can lead you there if you so desire!

Living authentically doesn’t mean you need to live a lonely life living by your own terms. By living authentically you are attracted to and by those people who hold similar outlooks to life as you do and find those who want to co-create with you. Over time you’ll find yourself surrounded by your authenticity tribe.

Authenticity is not about becoming powerful or part of the “it” crowd. Authentic living may make you the geekiest person in your tribe but they accept you and love you for everything you are!

So what is living authentically truly about and how can you tell the difference between authentic and inauthentic living?

Living authentically is this… 

You accept yourself completely, loving yourself with all of your foibles.

You accept the things about yourself that you are “working on” and love and respect yourself no matter what.

You get to know yourself. This is a lifetime’s work and is ever changing so you take time out to spend time alone, writing, in meditation, walks in nature or reading books that speak to your soul. You continue to check in with what your heart and soul truly desires in each moment.

You accept the things you cannot change. The mistakes you've made, the painful situations you find yourself in, the way others behave towards you or what they think about you as well as the thoughts you think about yourself. You accept where you are at and look to the future with eyes of growth and evolution. 

You forgive yourself. You forgive others. You realise love & forgiveness go hand in hand. You can't truly have one without the other. 

You realise that authentic forgiveness also means setting boundaries & raising the bar in your relationships, connections & commitments in life. Boundaries & bar raising standards mean repeating patterns get broken! 

You realise that life works in cycles. You are focused in what you want but if you have a bad day you nurture yourself, take care of your needs and make peace with where you are at right now. You don't berate yourself, you listen to the guidance from within. 

You do the things that make your heart sing. You reconnect to your soul child nature and find the fun in life. You realise that helping your inner child to play, dance, sing, laugh and connect with like minded friends puts a spring in your step and stops the drama of adult life becoming neurotic. 

You realise that your life's purpose isn't set in stone. Your life's purpose will change as you mature in life's lessons and grow & evolve into a bigger, brighter, shiner version of you. 

You realise your only true purpose is to shine your light. And figuring out how to do that authentically means finding the thing that lights up your heart in this moment!

Living authentically, most simply, is connecting to the heart in you & the heart in all and that is a pretty good place to start!

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