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Be Your Own Guru...debunking Enlightenment

The term Enlightenment means the following apparently...

1. A movement of the 18th century that stressed the belief that science and logic give people more knowledge and understanding than tradition and religion. 

2. Buddhism : a final spiritual state marked by the absence of desire or suffering.

Most people who speak about enlightenment in this day and age are referring to description two. I'm pretty sure description one is NEVER used in scientific terms any more. 

The thing is for me, enlightenment is neither of these two things...and I want to tell you why.

Let me debunk enlightenment...

Rather than enlightenment being some pompus belief in scientific logical understanding (thanks 18th century upper class), or some unrealistic expectation of pure blissed out consciousness with no human emotional cravings, desires or pains, pleasures or emotions of any kind (thanks most probably 18th century monks!), let's bring enlightenment into the now! (thank you Eckhart!) and radicalise enlightenment to make it achievable, real and honest. 

Let's get rid of the fluff! 

Enlightenment for us 21st Century lovelies results in an ever evolving growth of our character and spiritual understanding. It comes in spits and spurts, floods, waves, tremors and earthquakes. 

Enlightenment in the 21st Century doesn't mean we suddenly reach a bliss state from whence we never return. It means the unfurling of ourselves. The peeling back of the layers of conditioning we hold. The places we weren't loved by others or haven't loved ourselves.

It's the reclaiming of the lost parts of ourselves. The embodying of our deepest shadow and clearing of our inadequacies and self imposed limitations.

Enlightenment is a lifetime course of becoming the fullest, most radiant version of you! The you, you were truly meant to be in this lifetime.

Enlightenment may elicit itself via many forms. Meditation, clean diet, travel, self improvement videos, swimming in the sea, hugging a tree, playing with a child, whilst washing the dishes, singing, dancing, yoga, eating a ripe mango or delving into a consciously created book.

Enlightenment can happen in many an "Ah-ha" moment as Oprah may put it. In the moments you least expect. The trick is to listen, stay in an enquiring space and be open to the answers...more on this in a mo... 

Enlightenment does also not need a Guru. 

Though it can help to find some mentors who are further along the actualised path than you. 

So let me be your Un-Guru ;)

As my lovely friend Patrick once put it..."Everyone is their own Guru" which I cried...

"That's exactly what a Guru would say!"
But all joking aside...he was a Guru of the most high when he said that ;)

In truth you are your own Guru. 

You are the God creator of your own life, of your own design, of your own evolution baby! 

You are the Guru who will unveil the shadows from covering your eyes to the beauty of who resides deep inside. You are the one who will be doing the deep inner work to find that inner child that needs loving. You are the adult who will give that child the love it's been seeking and you are the one who will diligently work towards becoming the fullest most realised you...if you choose to do so.

And this brings me to what enlightenment is at it's most basic...

Enlightenment is connecting to your most authentic self using self inquiry.
Enlightenment means to firstly...

Listen - Listen to what your insides are telling you. The fears, the aspirations, the places your heart and soul long for you to go and experience. The people your soul wants you to be around and the ones it says hell no to. The pains, the woundings, the places your inner child wants to be healed. The love, the anger, the disillusionment you feel and mistakes you have made. All of these can result in enlightened moments so long as you create...

Space - Space to hear what your inner self is saying. Space to hear what the next best step is or where you have been repeating a pattern. Space to love yourself when you realise you've forgotten to take time out for you in the last 5 years. Space to heal yourself when you need to cry or rage or throw out that sentimental love note you've held onto since high school. Space to become the "not you"...the you, you never thought you were. Space to find yourself amongst the things the "you, you thought you were" bought and you now hate. Space to become all you can be and all you can't even imagine you can be! Space to be...

Open - Open to the answers that WILL come through you. Because they always do. It's just there wasn't room before. Room to hear what your insides were telling you. So many thoughts that blocked you before are now quietened with loving reminders. You are able to hear them and heal them and listen to the all knowing higher/adult version of you. Your Soul Voice has grown! And it's never ever far away. You know how to call on it because you are open and even when you feel your inner child and ego rearing it's snotty baby head, you know how to hear it. It feels different from the inside when it speaks. It never puts you down for a start and always knows what you really need.

Enlightenment from this space is totally achievable because you never make any other part of you wrong. 

Enlightenment is like the steps you took as a baby. You fall you get up, you fall you get don't stop. No one says you are silly to keep trying. No one laughs and says that's a fools game. Nobody, not one person, says you can't do it. In fact they encourage you. They cheer you on. They KNOW one day you will walk and talk and do anything you put your heart and soul into. 

And as your Non Guru ;) let me tell can and WILL one day become enlightened. You are simply taking small incremental steps towards becoming the most actualised person you can be in this lifetime. You may stumble and fall and sometimes come crashing down on your pretty little face, but you WILL wake up. You will find bliss. You will see your crap and your flaws and your beauty and your wisdom. You will be love, even when you are angry and you will be free to be you, even when you feel you can't. 

And the reason I know this is because you are here reading this! 

You are already seeking. You are already pulling yourself up on the sofa.

So as your Un-Guru, let me let you into a little enlightenment secret...

The path to enlightenment is harder and easier than you imagine it may be.

The path to enlightement is hidden behind the mirror of Self Love!

The key to becoming a fully awakened and enlightened version of you is self acceptance. Flaws and all. Fears and all. Worries and all. Wobbles and scars and not enoughs and too muchness and shame and blame and fears and laughs that are too loud.  

You reach enlightenment by becoming the safe space for you to hold yourself in. An unconditionally loving, accepting, nurturing, caring, encouraging, believing in space where you can radiate with joy the trueness of every part of you. Unequivocally being the many facets, faces and shiny rainbow colours that you are meant to be. 

There is only one remarkable you in this lifetime and there will only ever be this one exactly amazing radically beautiful you.

So let me Un-Guru you ;) 

Let's reveal your true soul and take each wobbly slippery step towards the most enlightened dynamic you.

And let me help you...

Join me in the Your Soul Revealed facebook group and let me help to unfurl you my dear into the enlightened King or Queen you deserve to be. 


I'm Gail and I'm here to help you to strip away the layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs you have about yourself in order to reveal what your true Soul Voice is trying to guide you towards in this lifetime. 

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