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Your Dreams Speak - 5 Tips On How To Recall Your Dreams!

"Your spiritual self was born in a dream and when you dream you are returning home" 

~ Thomas Moore

Your dreams speak but your dreams are usually forgotten. The dreams you have at night or your day dreams...not to mention your child hood dreams. The ones you left behind at 6 or 16.

They arise in the moments when our conscious awareness has left the building for the night or been put on pause for a 5 minute break.

And then our conscious awareness reverts back to normality. Our everyday experiences, the alarm rings, to do lists, hunger pangs, meetings, the what shall we have for dinner thoughts come back to take charge of our day and we forget...

...and in the forgetting, we miss something.

If you listen very carefully, inquiring into the spaces between your everyday thoughts, you will find an entire world filled with symbols, stories, messages and cravings from the depth of your soul.

The truth is most are afraid to look. Afraid to find they have undone themselves. 

And dreams become simply dreams.

We look at dreams like they are the unfolding of the jumble and junk that fills our minds everyday. And whilst that may be true in part....we miss the deeper message they are trying to convey.

Because it's easier...

It's much easier to discount our dreams and floatings as nonsensical, daytime debris, or at best a desire laid out in cinematic story. 

But what if your dreams are as alive as your waking life?  Indeed, what if they are MORE alive and hold the keys to your waking life!?

In long forgotten times, dreams were revered.  Kings and Queens of milleniums past would use the power of the Seers and Elders who knew how to interpret their dreams. They prophesied the future and unravelled the now.  Dreams took symbols from realms unseen, from plains untouched by human design and placed them gracefully in the places most untravelled in our minds.

In many ancient societies such as those of Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose messages could be unravelled by people with certain powers ~ Wikipedia

Dreams spoke and were heard...

Translated by those well versed in symbolism and the collective unconscious, to heal, strategise and connect to those forces who, whilst hidden from sight, seemed to have a knowing beyond this earthly dimension.

As we developed and science based left-brained thinking took precedence, we lost the art of dream divination. We mistook our dreams for fragments of foolery because we lost the art of deciphering the truth embedded in dream symbolism.

Your dreams speak...

Guiding and supporting you with messages from your subconscious mind, your hidden self.  From a deep place the "waking" mind can't see or navigate.  Your dreams attempt to guide to towards the betterment of your 3D life.

They speak of your fears and joys, of potential outcomes of choices you may face and solutions to your problems, of lives yet to be lived and past mistakes you should have already learnt from.

Your dreams speak to you in abundance as you lay statuesque in the dark.  They whisper their gold into your minds eye hoping to give you the guidance you seek via a journey of the unusual so that you may absorb their unshakable insights.

Accessing the hidden messages in your dreams can lead to a deeper sense of self, an expanded view of your own shadow, inner child and higher self callings. Dreams are our internal teachers.

Dream interpretation can help you to find the next step you in forging a new path in life, heal an old emotional wound, or even for see the most probable future events!

Here are some tips on how to recall and divinate your dreams...

1. Wake up slowly.  I know this isn't always possible with alarms usually starting the day off. But if you can, set your alarm ten minutes earlier and lay in bed for those next ten minutes in the drowsy place between sleep. This will help you to recall what you were dreaming about just before you opened your eyes.

2. Keep a Dream Journal by your bedside so that you can note down everything you can recall about your dreams as soon as you are awake. Dreams are notoriously slippery. If you wait too long you may forget a golden nugget!

3. Note down everything you hear, see and possibly even smell! Everything is important. Weather, temperature, time of day or night, people, animals, colours and even that favourite toy you had when you were 5!

4. There are many dream interpretation websites and books you can read to help you divine your dreams. However, whilst many of these come from achetypal images that we hold in the collective unconscious and can help you to see what your dreams are trying to say to you, it's much better to write the feelings and thoughts of your dreams down and focus on exactly HOW you've told the story!  Many times the clues in what our dreams mean is staring us in the face. We become our own best interpreters!

5. Start your evening off setting intentions for your subconscious mind to speak to you in ways you will easily be able to interpret. This is especially great if you've been having recurring dreams or nightmares that you just can't figure out.

Watch this video where I give you more tips on dream interpretation and how to enhance dream recall before bedtime!

Thomas Moore on Supersoul Sunday...

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