Saturday, 28 April 2018

Inner Child Reconnection

Your inner child is an extremely important part of you. In the work that I do, he or she is a pivotal piece of the puzzle in understanding your psyche.

Connecting to your inner child can give you the validation and healing you need to finally move past those inner blocks that have been holding you back in life. Let me explain why...

In the beginning, when we enter the earth, we begin as the Wonder Child.

Sure we have some imprints already perhaps via the DNA of our lineage but primarily, we start life in an unconditioned state.

As life progresses, we learn that our Caregivers have personalities, likes and dislikes and ways of speaking to us that are kind and caring and also disciplinarian.

We learn that WE have personalities also. We like and dislike things. Some types of music make us dance and songs make us sing. Some types of foods we think taste yucky and others we can't wait to try again.

But most of all we learn in our early years what makes us lovable and unlovable. 

Perhaps we learn as a shy child that we are forced into situations that make us uncomfortable. With no allowance of the fear you feel, no one to express it to and no way to release it from your mind and body you grow up experiencing panic attacks. For the most part you are ok but from time to time these attacks come back throughout your adult life.

Perhaps you were an artistic child who loves to paint and draw. After a time your parents decided this was not the academic standard and forced you into long hours of working on subjects that will take you far in life. You learn that your creativity is childish and that adulting does not include such fanciful things. This part of your natural self is now lost to the past.

Perhaps your Mother or Father like quiet children while you loved to bang pots with sticks and sing at the top of your lungs. You eventually learn that being a loud child means to be punished for it and so you adapt and try your hardest to become quiet around authority. Later in life you find it hard to speak up for yourself at work and are over looked many times over whenever there is a promotion.

These are just a few examples of how our wonder child becomes our wounded inner child. I hope from these examples you can see how easily we lose parts of ourselves and that we usually forget to go back and retrieve them.

You see, we don't realise we have lost anything...but we do feel loss...we usually just don't have words for it.

It's a feeling that we are somehow unseen. Perhaps we blame our Parents in some way for not being able to be our true selves...but for the most part, it's a feeling of not quite fitting in our own skin.

When I work with a client on their inner child, many times the child and personality of the adult have never conversed previously. The inner child can sometimes be afraid. Left alone for so long, fear has crept in. The work we do here is to reconnect inner child (lost pieces of the self and old wounds that have been waiting for healing) to our adult personality. Sometimes this reconnection happens in an instant and at other times it takes a few times before the inner child in the psyche is prepared to converse with the adult personality.

Very occasionally an inner child will refuse to reconnect and this is usually because there has been some bigger trauma along the line that has caused excess fear to take over and separate the inner child. In these cases there can be a dislike of children for example or a greater fear of being reconnected because the personality only knows themselves as they are now and are perhaps unwilling to integrate with their inner child due to the perceived "loss" of their "now" personality.

The truth is that when we finally accept and listen to our inner child and reconnect with love and acceptance, we become MORE of what we naturally are. More of our true self. More of our true nature AND we activate MORE of the talents and gifts that ONLY WE have in our unique and special way!

Whenever I meet anyone who is feeling like they can't move forward in life, who is stuck and afraid, or perhaps just on a plateau of existence and not thriving, I always encourage them to connect to their inner child first. To find out what they are missing from this lost part of self and bring more of them into their life before they try to do anything else.

Your inner child is in pain and needs your attention and love. Once acknowledged and received your wonder child will be released and reintegrated and you WILL feel more of the true you everyday.

Your inner child healing is your emotional and spiritual foundation and your power only really fully switch on when he or she is taken care of.

I will be speaking more on the other levels in the psyche that need your attention so make sure to stay tuned but for now this is the place where your Soul Reconnection begins!



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