Saturday, 14 April 2018

Practice The Art Of Mindfulness

Most of you will recognise Mindfulness as a practice of meditation. A form of meditation that requires only that you focus on your breath and let whatever thought forms float through your head.

This practice helps you to become aware of your inner workings...emotions, thoughts and feelings in the body that you may not be aware of at other times of the day.

Mindfulness gives you the opportunity, as a practice, to become more in tune with yourself at a much deeper level than you ordinarily would.

If you have never tried this before, you are going to find some resistance the first few times you try a mindfulness meditation.

Your body will ache, your nose will get itchy, you eye will start twitching, you will suddenly need to pee ;)'s your bodies way of checking in and making sure you are aware that you are sitting still for so wants to check that you are still ok. It takes some time before the body trusts that you know what you are doing!

Eventually it let's you take the lead. It trusts you to "wake up" after 30 mins, or an hour...however long you have trained yourself to sit in mindfulness practice.

Noise outside or other distractions start to fade as you fall deep into bliss within the self.

I wanted to share mindfulness with you today, not specifically because of the meditation practice, but because I believe mindfulness is something that we should most definitely consider in our waking/walking/doing lives!

Mindfulness is not just a meditation though the meditation will certainly help to bring about similar effects. It's about becoming conscious of ALL of yourself.

Mindfulness as a daily waking practice is about becoming:

PRESENT with yourself and not letting your negative Egoic thought forms take over,
PARENTING yourself into conscious alignment with the highest version of yourself.
Recognising when you need some SELF CARE and not pushing yourself to the limit.
Becoming AWARE and mindful of the SYNCHRONICITIES that life will bring your way.
Looking at the world around you with LOVE so that you start to cultivate a loving Soul Voice within.
Realising that your INNER WORK takes practice and the only way you can become aware of yourself deeply is to do all of the above.

Mindfulness is a daily LIVING practice!

It will help you to discover your true nature and that of your egoic conditioning. It will bring you to the edge of your box and ask you to take a step outside of it. It will ask you to reconsider your beliefs and remove your limited thinking. It's the foundation for all conscious awareness.

Mindfulness is recognising the presence of Soul within you daily and should be as important as having breakfast in your daily waking life!



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