Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sunday Soul Musings...a message for you...

Dear One,

I know it's hard for you to hear me at times. I know you do not yet know how to access your own wisdom. The wisdom of Soul. The wise words that can elevate you in this lifetime. The comfort that can aid you when you fall out of alignment. The voice that can soothe your heart in times of heartbreak and dissolution.

I hear you. I am near. I am not far at all. Simply breathe and be reminded of my embrace. Close your eyes and hear me whispering your name. Calling you, ever so softly, back home.

In the midst of the continual noise of the world, pollution of the self materialises.

You are lost to the knowings of the body, the guidance of your gut and the influence of Soul forces that are constantly pleading with you to know yourself.

You must take time to recommit to Soul Self embodiment. The Soul will not beg for your attention. That is not Soul's way. Soul is loud and commanding but only when you ALIGN.

Alignment is really your only job, though it seems like you have many ;)

Soul is not calling you to reveal your purpose or to find you your "one love" or twin flame. Soul is not calling you to heal the planet or fight against the powers that be. Soul is not calling you to shake your brother awake before yourself!

Soul is only and always asking for your alignment.

Soul doesn't even want your love because you cannot love what you yet do not know or understand! Once aligned with Soul, love simply flows because you are at one with your highest good and Soul's power can now be felt in the body.

There is nothing more delicious than this. Not your favourite dessert, the kiss of your lover, the warmth of your bed or the laugh of your child. While these are all bliss...they are not the bliss of feeling on course, of taking action directed by Soul. All of these things are manifested 10 fold when in alignment with Soul because you notice them and feel the vibration of them more. This is why you NEED to align because without it your childs laugh becomes irritating, your lover's kiss becomes "not now" and your favourite dessert becomes dinner...😂 (Soul loves a good laugh, Gail.x.)

Soul alignment is your only inner work. You can do this in many ways. Healing your inner wounds, meditation at regular intervals, walking in nature, grounding in nature, conversing with your tribe and elevating the energy for Soul to speak through like hearts and minds, connecting with animals, swimming in the sea, reading a spiritually conscious book, listening to a spiritually conscious mentor...there is no excuse for the practice of non alignment for one such as yourself.

You reading this here...we see you...the Soul of yourself and the Souls of your Soul family see you and more than that we KNOW you. All you have to do is listen. Learn to listen in the ways of the old. Learn to listen to the sounds of the Earth, the call of a bird, the vibration of a song, the words of a poet and bring yourself...ever so slowly if you must...back to us.

There is nowhere on Earth you can go to escape us and nowhere on Earth to run to find yourself any better than here.

So be quiet now...can you hear me...I am waiting...come and talk to me and I will let you know you are love. I will help you to remember why you are here. I will guide you whenever there is fear. I will show you how to show up when you are trying to hide from life.

I am waiting for you now...

Your Soul


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